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Monthly Archive:: November 2014

Newbie guide to speeding up your blog

Internet users HATE slow loading websites! And so does Google! If there is one thing you can do to turn off your visitors, this is it. No matter how great your blog is, long page loading time will surely not attract many suitors. Improving you blog loading time is a must if you want to

Why you should choose a catchy domain name

What do you think is common between the following names: Google Yahoo Bing Amazon Nike Adidas You are right. The names of these hugely successful companies are easy to remember and catchy. When I wanted to start this blog, the first task I faced was to select the appropriate domain name. Choosing the right domain

12 wordpress plugins you must not risk missing out on

Do you know why WordPress is such a popular blogging platform? You’re right, there are several reasons, one of them being the availability of a large number of plugins for WordPress. Although WordPress in itself is quite a powerful blogging tool, the plugins serve to multiply its powers manifold. But the problem is, there are

Welcome to Blogician

Hello everyone. Welcome to BLOGICIAN! This is the first post on Blogician. So, let me tell you a little about this blog which I call as Blogician. Blogician is a blog with a difference. It will tell its own story as it grows. There is a difference between reading a success story  and observing a