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6 reasons why Sensational WordPress them rocks

Last week, I found an offer that I could not resist!

When I started Blogician a month back, my idea was to keep the running cost as low as possible (just like you). I opted for free theme and plugins. My only investment was the hosting and domain name. Everything else was free and open source.

But then came the offer. A premium WordPress theme for only 9 dollars! I took notice. While I was quite content with my free “Catch Kathmandu” theme, the look and features of Sensational theme by mythemeshop caught my eye. I was looking for options to improve the design of Blogician, something hard to achieve with my free theme. So, I decided to give SENSATIONAL a go. After all it was only 9 bucks.

sensational theme

sensational theme

And now, few days later, I am very happy with this theme. It has turned out to be a really good purchase. So, I decided to spread the word. Let me share with you how the Sensational theme turned out to be for Blogician .

Great Value for Money

As I said, I did not have any plan to spend money at this early stage of this blog. But something persuaded me. It was the TREMENDOUS VALUE FOR MONEY offered by this theme. For an one-time fee, to get the following:

  • You can use this theme on any number of sites you like.
  • You get lifetime updates for this theme.
  • And most importantly, you get lifetime support for this theme.

I have come across very few theme providers who give you so much for so less amount. Either they will restrict the number of sites on which you are allowed to use the theme. Or the support will be for a limited time, generally a period of one year.

But my Sensational theme is essentially an one-time investment. Just make sure that you choose a good theme, like Sensational.

The option to use this theme on multiple sites is one of the reasons why I decided to get this theme. Even if I am not going to use this theme on this blog at a later stage, I can always use it for my other sites and new start-ups. You can also do the same.

Great design

My previous theme was great on the backend. But the front-end look was not that impressive. It looked old fashioned. You can have great content and all but the fact remains that looks matter. I wanted Blogician to look more sleek and impressive.

Sensational has really helped me to improve the look of this blog. Just compare the two screenshots and come to your own conclusion.

Old look

Old look


blogician new

New look

  • In Sensational, the primary menu looks great along with the drop-down feature.
  • On the left sidebar, there is this really cool hover effect as you can see in the demo page.
  • The colors and the background of the blog is totally customizable and you can choose from unlimited colours to suit your needs.
  • There is the great looking lightbox feature allows your visitors to view larger versions of images without leaving the current page.
  • It also comes with lots of good looking tabbed widgets.
  • Overall, this theme can make your blog look very impressive indeed.

Choose from multiple layouts

I do know about you but I like to experiment with different layouts. The sensational theme allows me to do just that. There are four layout options. Two of them are with two sidebars and two of them have a single sidebar. There are also single page layouts to choose from. You can really experiment with this theme.

layout options

layout options

And this is the feature which makes it really useful for multiple site usage. For a certain blog, you may prefer a single sidebar layout. For another blog you may prefer a double sidebar layout. With this theme, you can achieve both.

Easily edit the typography options

One thing I did not like with my earlier theme was the lack of typography options. The number of fonts were very less and there was no easy way to customise the h1, h2 and h3 tags. 🙁 I had to apply the formatting on each of my header tags, every single time.

Obviously, I could get that done with custom CSS but that is not the easy way. Every time I wanted to change something, I would have to go back to the custom CSS. A beginner has much other important things to do than tinkering with the code.

And what if you do not know how to use custom CSS? Then you are stuck.

But not with this theme.

Sensational comes with dedicated typography options.

Isn’t that great? You can set the font, colour of the font, size of the font, and also apply italics or bold formatting. You can set this for all the header tags, content, navigation and also the left sidebar.

It is truly great for someone who has the creativity to modify the look of his or her blog but does not know coding. If you are like this, Sensational theme is for you.

Use shortcodes

Another wonderful feature of Sensational theme is the preloaded short-code library (this short code library is also available for other themes in form of a plugin). Here are some examples:

You can create really beautiful looking buttons like this.
Go to top

You can create alert messages like this one.

You can create tabs like the one below.

You can create columns
You can embed YouTube.
You can embed Google maps.

You can use preloaded set of 360 icons that come with this theme.

Open large content
You can toggle large content like this.

In short, the look of your blog will be greatly enhanced, something my earlier theme was not allowing me to do.

The best part – Great support staff

Whenever you buy any service, what do you look for in the long term?

Good service is one thing that comes to my mind. And this is the best thing about this theme. The support staff on the community forum are awesome. These guys are really very helpful and prompt in their response. I faced two minor issues already within few days of buying this theme. Both of them were resolved within an hour of so.

The first issue I faced was that my tagline was not visible. I posted this complaint on their forum. They promptly replied back with a single line code and directed me on where to put it. That was one issue resolved.

The next issue that I faced was that my logo was automatically getting resized to a smaller size. I wanted my logo to appear larger. So, I posted my requirements on their forum. One of the moderators there, Jitendraa, supplied me with a three line CSS code. I simply needed to putit in my custom CSS box. Thus my second issue was also resolved very quickly.

As a result, in the customer service front, I am very happy with MyThemeShop team’s service.


Apart from the features I explained, there are also other features that you can check out directly from Sensational theme site. I’m not going to comment on them as I have not used those features. But they do look useful.

Overall, I would highly recommend this theme to anyone who is looking to start and run a blog. Although it is no longer available at the discounted price, but even at the current price, it is more than worth it.

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