Blogician helps you to grow your blog and generate stable income from it.

No assumptions, no BS, no fluff. If you want untested and half baked strategies, I am sorry to disappoint. I test drive strategies on my own blog and let you know what works. All you will get are solid tips and tricks to take your blog to the next level.

Blogician takes a “user first” approach. Feel free to ask any blogging related question to me. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Even if your friend has some query, just let me know. I may take a little time, but I will surely respond.

Blogician will also help you:

  • By using a simplified approach so that even newbies can understand without any trouble. Don’t know what SEO or plugin is? No problems.
  • By explaining in an easy to read language (so that everyone around the world can understand easily).
The man behind Blogician
My name is Neil. Neil is my pet name as well as my pen name. I have a day job, so I want to keep my blogging venture separate from it. That is the reason behind me using a pen name.

I am in my mid twenties. I started “internet business” in my mid teens. I managed to earn four figures in my late teens. After that I had to quit because I had to focus on studies. But my passion was still there. 4 years later, I have a nice day job. But I wanted to continue my “internet business”. So, I decided to start again. As a result, Blogician was born in November 2014.

To maintain quality of the work, I only write once a week. If you are just looking to start a blog, you will find my how to start a blog guide to be very useful.

Thank You Readers

Last, but not the least, a big Thanks to all my readers. The community on this blog is growing and you guys are awesome. I love the discussions that goes on in the comments sections. Lots of creative ideas can be found among the comments. It is a great platform for new ideas. Keep reading and sharing your thoughts.

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