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7 solid reasons to stop using Feedburner

Email marketing is one of the main avenues of blog monetization. Just ask your favorite expert. You will find that a huge chunk of their income comes from their email list subscribers. But experts have already told you that. That is not what I am concerned about. I am concerned about the fact that so

7 super useful plugins to promote your blog

If you’d ask any successful blogger about one aspect of blogging, that was most critical to their success, often the answer would be “proper promotion”. You can write the best content in the world, but without proper promotion, no one will be there to appreciate it. Promoting your blog is a multidimensional work. And it

How to start a blog – THE WORDPRESS GUIDE

Are you looking to start a blog? Perfect! I am sure you are. Blogging is GREAT! It is a wonderful hobby and it is even better as a career option (ONLY if you take it seriously). But where should you start? Do you know how to create a blog? These questions might be creeping up

Blogging time table for part time blogger

Are you struggling to manage time for your blogging work? Always finding yourself short of time? Well, you are not alone. Blogging is a tricky job. It requires attention on so many fronts that it becomes difficult to do equal justice to all. More so if you are a part time blogger, who has to