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My name is Neil. I was a blogger cum niche marketer from 2007-10, after which I had to focus on my studies and ultimately I landed a very good day job.

But blogging remained my passion and now I am making a comeback. Many things have changed in these years. The competition is much higher than it used to be. The tactics and strategies have evolved.

Give me the ebook

Give me the ebook

New bloggers do not seem to understand it. They often make a very big mistake: one that really hurts the growth of a blog. Back in 2007, organic traffic was easy and you could have got away with this mistake. But not in 2015. If you keep doing the same mistake, your blog will probably grow 10X slower than others.

Good news is, I am giving away a step-by-step guide to help you in overcoming this obstacle. Just follow the strategies mentioned and you will see huge benefits.

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