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7 solid reasons to stop using Feedburner

Email marketing is one of the main avenues of blog monetization.

Just ask your favorite expert. You will find that a huge chunk of their income comes from their email list subscribers. But experts have already told you that. That is not what I am concerned about.

I am concerned about the fact that so many people are still using Feedburner!

Stop using feedburner

Still using feedburner? Image credits: Flickr

I have already discussed how to increase email opt in rates. But if you keep using Feedburner as your email marketing service, what is the point of getting all those opt ins? Feedburner is not good enough!

Don’t believe me? Don’t believe the experts?

Here are few solid reasons why Feedburner CANNOT be your email marketing service provider (and what to use instead).

Deliverability is not up to the mark

Would you like to have an email marketing service whose email deliverability is questionable?  I certainly would not.

Deliverability is an issue with feedburner. Although I was aware of this problem, I did not face it until recently. When I faced this problem, I hit the support forums, and found that there are a good number of threads on this topic. More and more bloggers are finding that their RSS-emails are not being delivered properly.

You cannot create your own email

One of the reasons we love an email list is because we can share exclusive tips and promote interesting offers. But for that you need to be able to create and send your own emails. Problem with feedburner is that it does not allow you to create any emails. The only thing it does it to grab your RSS feed, convert it to an email and sent the RSS-email to your subscribers.

Autoresponder feature is missing

As I already said, an incentive is a great way to increase your email list opt in rate.

But for that, you need an autoresponder.

As soon as a user confirms his/her subscription, the autoresponder would send him the welcome email containing the link to the incentive (ebook, course or whatever you are using). This provides instant gratification to your subscriber and you get more and more subscribers.

But there is no way you can do this in Feedburner. There is no autoresponder feature in Feedburner. As a result, you miss out on a lot of subscribers.

You cannot create a follow-up series

A follow-up series is basically a set of emails that are delivered to a subscriber at preset intervals. Again, Feedburner lacks this feature.

But this is one of the most basic and important features that one needs in an email marketing solution. If you want to develop a 10 part course, you need a follow-up series. If you want to build trust with your users, you need a follow-up series. If you want to build a sales funnel, you definitely need a follow up series.

Let’s put it straight. If you want to make money from your email list (by honest and helpful recommendations, of course), you must have an autoresponder and a followup tool. You just cannot do without them.

Reporting of stats is not good enough

To get the most out you email marketing campaigns, you must “know” what is going on. Detailed analysis of subscriber reports is a crucial step. You need to know the subscribers, their location, time preferences, email open rates, email click rates, conversions, best performing emails, and so on. Based on all these reports and advanced features such as Split testing, you can optimize your email marketing campaigns.

But Feedburner only provides basic information such as views and clicks. One cannot get valuable insights into user preferences from such basic information. As a result you cannot optimize your emails and your performance suffers as a result.

No time-zone based delivery

Feedburner not only lacks in deliverability but also in advanced features such as time-zone based delivery.

Think for a moment. You are probably subscribed to 10, 20 or more email lists. You receive plenty of emails.

What are the chances that you will notice an email if it is sent to you at 2:00 AM in the morning? Very slim, I would say.

To maximize the chance of an email being read, you must deliver it at a time when people check their emails. But Feedburner does not let you choose the time of its delivery based on time-zone. You can only set the delivery window and a single time zone.

That is not good enough to cater a worldwide audience. Suppose you set your emails to be delivered at a time which is convenient to the North American audience. But delivery at that time may not be convenient to the European or Asian audience. As a result, you will receive fewer email opens and clicks from them.

But if you use a professional email marketing service like Aweber, you can send your emails by adjusting according to time zone of the subscriber. This means that if you set your emails to be delivered at 9 AM, they will be delivered at 9 AM local time for each time zone (applicable to followup series feature only).

Nowhere to go if you have problems

Being a free service, one cannot expect great support staff from Feedburner. Whenever you have a problem, your only option is to open a thread in the help forums. Often, you do not get successful resolution to your problems. I have never been able to get proper technical assistance from actual support staff. Maybe others had better luck.

Uncertainty about its future

Let’s be honest here. Feedburner is nowhere near the top of Google’s priority list. Back in 2012, Google even forgot to renew the feedburner.jp domain name! Since Google reader was retired, there have been rumors of shutdown of Feedburner. And judging from lack the time and effort being put in improving Feedburner, I won’t be surprised if it is indeed shut down in near future.

Don’t get me wrong. At one time, Feedburner, even with its limited features, was quite useful. But now, the requirements have changed.

The features mentioned above are bare necessities for any email marketing plan. But Feedburner has remained the same as it was few years back. Not much efforts were made to incorporate any of these essential features. As a result, it is obsolete as an email marketing service. You can still keep it for serving RSS readers though.

What to use instead?

Bad news: There are no free alternatives which are good enough for email marketing purposes. But that’s expected. How can one provide you top quality service for free? They need some money to deliver you the top-notch service you deserve.

Good news: Return on investment form email marketing is very high. It would be a good idea to invest in an email marketing service.

I highly recommend Aweber. I use Aweber and it is the leading email marketing service. In fact, Aweber has the best deliverability rates in the industry. Most top bloggers use Aweber.

Aweber has all the features mentioned above and much more. You can try full featured Aweber service for 1$ for the first month. You can either through this affiliate link which HELPS ME a little AT NO EXTRA COST to you or you can decide NOT TO HELP me and use this non-affiliate link. Your choice.

My experience with Aweber has been top notch. What stands out for me is their support stuff. They are so helpful that it is perfect for new users with no previous experience.

If you really want to try one month for free, go for Mailchimp. But unlike Aweber, Maichimp free trial DOES NOT include essential features such as autoresponders (which costs 10$ / month) .

So, to get a better and complete experience, I would suggest you to invest 1$ and give Aweber a try.


In essence, if you are a blogger, you need to pay importance to email marketing. And there is no better way to start than discarding Feedburner. Get a professional email marketing service and kick start your email marketing campaign.

If you found this post useful, feel free to share it with your readers and followers. I am looking to hear your opinions in the comment section.

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