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How to add RSS feed to twitter and get more followers

The easiest way to keep your twitter followers interested is to provide them with relevant and useful tweets.

Unsurprisingly, you will find that most influencers (not including celebrities, people follow them because they are famous) have a very large number of tweets.

Relevant tweets not only satisfy the hunger of your followers but also ensure a steady stream of new followers.

The more frequently you tweet, the better the chances of getting noticed by others. You can also increase your visibility by using hastags and mentioning other users. Timing is also important.

But it’s a painfully repetitive and monotonous job to keep coming up with fresh and useful tweets.

You don’t want to tear your hair out over it. You need an easier way, right?

Thankfully, there is an easy way. One of the best sources of relevant tweets are new blog posts in your niche.

But again, it’s a tedious manual job to keep an eye on tens of blogs and then tweet whenever someone has posted. Not an efficient way to utilize your time.

But what if you could automate the process? What if you could set up an rss feed to twitter so that every new post would automatically get tweeted?

rss to tweet

Now, that’s efficient.

  • Choose a number of top blogs in your niche, the ones who regularly post useful articles.
  • Get the RSS feed urls of these blogs.
  • Feed the RSS feed to one of the many rss to twitter services.
  • Validate the feed and customize the settings.
  • Job done. The rss to twitter script will check for new posts at regular intervals and make a tweet whenever there is a new post.

There are a number of tools out there that can do this job. Here are the ones you would find most useful.

Twitterfeed – easy to use and free

rss to twitter tool

Twitterfeed is a free tool that allows you to auto publish new items on rss feed to your twitter timeline. It is a simple, no-frills tool. It is very easy to use.

First, you have to create an account. Verify the account and log in to the feed dashboard.

twitterfeed new feed

Click on “Create new feed”. Give a name to your feed. This would help you identify the feed.

twitterfeed add feed
Next, enter the feed url and click on “test rss feed”. If you have entered the correct url, a “feed parsed OK” text will appear. Now click on the advanced settings.

twitterfeed advanced settings
Here you can modify the following options:

1) Update frequency: Use this to set up the time interval at which feeds are checked for new posts. This depends on your source. Every 6 hours is good for most blogs. You can also select the number of new updates which are posted at once. Rarely a blog would come up with more than one post a day. Set this value to 1 or 2.

2) Post content: This is text that would be a part of your tweet. Title only is best as you need to keep it short on twitter. You can also use a link shortening service if you want.

3) Post sorting: Select the criterion to sort your posts. pubDate is recommended.

4) Post prefix: Using this option, you can add some preset text at the beginning of your tweets. For example you can add “New Post” or “New Post on Person X’s blog”. You can also mention the blogger using “Post from @bloggerX”. This will increase your visibility as well as help in building a relationship with a fellow blogger.

5) Post suffix: Using this option, you can add some preset text at the end of your tweets. I usually use this option to add a broad hashtag related to my niche, such as #blogging or #wordpress. Alternatively you can also mention yourself by @yourself or simple say “Thanks”.

6) Keyword filter: As the name suggests, this option allows you to filter new entries on basis of presence or absence of certain keywords. I use this option to weed out promotional posts and reviews. Just enter “–offer” “–review” in the box and any new post with the terms “offer’ or “review” will be disregarded for tweeting.

rss to twitter service selection

choose twitter account

In the next step, select the service that you want to use (Twitter in this case). For the first time, you have to authenticate your twitter account using OAuth. Next time onwards, you can choose a previously authenticated twitter account using the drop down list.

twitterfeed service created

Click on the button and it’s done. You have successfully set up your first rss to twitter automated tweet machine.

Twibble – advanced tool with additional paid features

Another tool I use is Twibble. It can do all the things twitterfeed can, but additionally, it has a few interesting features. The drawback is that all the tweets end with a compulsary link to the Twibble site (which can be removed by subscribing to a paid plan).
twibble basic rss to twitter

Set up is similar to twitterfeed. You can log in using your twitter account. You have to add the reference name and feed url.

twibble scheduling options

Scheduling is an important feature of Twibble. It allows you to specify the day as well as time at which tweets are to be posted. You can even choose different times for different weekdays.

As you know, timing is a critical factor in getting the most out of your social shares (although I do not give too much importance to it). So, you should schedule your tweets to suit your needs.

You can also set it up to check for new posts every 15 minutes and post as many as 5 new tweets at a time, although these may not be necessary unless you want to beat others to the first tweet.

twibble filter options

Filter options work in the same way as it does in twitterfeed. Just enter the keywords in the appropriate box.

twibble customization options

Another important feature of twibble is the ability to post images on twitter. Keep the “Attach featured image” option active. If the blog post has a featured image (which is likely), it would be used in your tweet. Using images in your tweets would instantly boost its visibility.

You can also use hashtags, credit the source using via @source or use prefixes.

twibble preview

You can also see a live preview of your tweet. You can even send a test tweet to ensure everything is working fine. Once you are happy, click “Create” to finalize it.

Other RSS to tweet services

Apart from these two, there are a few other options available to convert your rss feed into tweets. Dlvr.it is a good one with their free plan allowing you to use up to 5 feeds (maximum 3 social profiles). IFTTT and Tweetingmachine also provide rss to tweet feature.

But for our purpose (pulling new posts from rss feed and tweeting them), Twitterfeed and Twibble are more than sufficient and it is better to stick to them.


I am sure this guide will help you to create a steady stream of relevant tweets. With right choice of sources, you will soon be noticing improved follower engagement. More and more users will start following you.

Let us know about your experience in the comments sections. If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to share in the comments section.

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