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Welcome to Blogician

Hello everyone. Welcome to BLOGICIAN! This is the first post on Blogician. So, let me tell you a little about this blog which I call as Blogician.

Blogician is a blog with a difference. It will tell its own story as it grows. There is a difference between reading a success story  and observing a success story firsthand. The second option will definitely have its own benefits. That is why, Blogician is going to share what it learns in its own jorney.

Blogician wants to help your blog become successful. And it would do so by sharing its success tips as it treads the path of growing from a baby blog to a full grown and successful blog. If you want to see how the journey goes, and learn from its development, you are welcome to Blogician.

The focus of blogician is going to be on blogging (as the name suggests :-) ) and related activities such as online marketing, search engine optimization and more. And how to make money out of blogging.

You may be skeptical. Why listen to me? Well, maybe because I have experience in this field. I am not asking you to become part of my first attempt a blogging. I have been there and done it, to some extent. I know how to get it done. I want to show you. I am the mind behind Blogician. In the blogosphere, I go by the name Neil, which is my pen name or nom de plume as they call it.  I have been in the web marketing and blog related stuff for quite some now. So, I have decent experience on how to get it going.

Long story short, I made my first earnings in my late teens from some niche sites and blogs. After that I had to focus on conventional career and as a result had to remain away from this field for some years. Now, I am back. I understand that Google is now Mach 2 with Penguin and Panda updates. And a lot more has changed in blogging, online marketing and search engine optimization. One thing that has not changed is my passion for this field. That is why I spent the last few weeks getting updated with the current scenario.

Few things that you can expect from Blogician:

  • Solid tips for helping you succeed with your blog (obvious thing).
  • Simplified approach so that newbies can understand without any trouble.
  • Easy to read language (so that everyone around the world can understand easily).
  • To the point discussion.
  • Answers to your queries at the best of my ability. I will respond to our comments.
  • Ideas that are USEFUL for you.
  • Touch of humor :-)
  • 2-3 posts a week for now.

My aim with this blog is very clear. I want to make it an authority in the field of blogging and online marketing. Something that would be USEFUL to all blogging aspirants. Coming from someone who has got experience in this field but not too much of it (means I won’t find your newbie questions to be silly), I hope that this blog can be the magician for your blogging adventure. I am sure I would make a few mistakes, but I am sure that they would be a great learning curve for all of us.

So, Lets get started! If you feel like, Come on – Lets give it a go, then feel free to subscribe to my RSS feed to remain updated on this story unfolds.

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Neil is the owner of Blogician. Neil writes on every aspect of Blogging to make life simple for fellow bloggers. Follow Neil to learn how to grow a blog.

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