12 unique accounts on Instagram


We have compiled a list of 12 unique accounts on Instagram, whose owners understand each photo in their own style, it’s original, funny and sometimes strange.

1. MrPimpGoodGame is known as the “King of Instagram named yourself “- inzare


Real life @ MrPimpGoodGame is known as 37-year-old Benny Winfield, Jr., an ordinary worker in the field medical nutrition. On the Internet, Benny is known as the “King self-name movements ”- heposts his entire blog photos of your face. Only the background differs Photos are not changed— it is always a smiling face Benny.


The blog has become a cult, one thousand followers— Now, many people post on Instagram the same photos that are smiling all over the place, to myself.

2. Ass Jen Selter attracts two million followers


@ JenselterInInstagram more than 2.2 million followers, among which there are celebrities such as pop singer Rihanna. Jen is considered the most famous “ass” InInstagram. At age 20, she began taking pictures of herself during training in the gym account soon appeared thousands of followers.


The number of them grew in geometric progression as Jen posted her new photos tight-fitting sweatpants. To the Selter, when taking photographs, she pays attention to her face, because the followers want to see no face.


Selter, of course, admits that her photos are pretty “spectacular”, but at the same time its strict fitness mode pays off – it not only serves as a source of inspiration for millions of people, but already signed her first major contract with Cirrus Fitness, manufacturer sports equipment.

3. The most unpleasant guy on Instagram is showing off his riches at celebrities with wealth


Meet Param – @ itslavishbitch. This masterful and self-righteous guy from San Francisco teasing celebrities from Rihanna to Kim Kardashian, taking pictures with huge packs of money and laying out Photos review of 350,000 followers.


The media are still trying to find out who he really is. inasomomli de facto is as rich as that presented in the photographs. Afollovers just watching eccentric antics like dropping dollars vunitas, burning packs of cash or tying packs bank notes to balloons with start and start their free flight.


4. Anonymous leaves thousands of dollars in all US restaurants hypostasis photos with bills


September 2013, the anonymous good Samaritan traveled USA and a very generous tip, from $ 500 up to $ 10,000, in casual cafes and restaurant owners. For @ tipsforjesusInInstagram account keep track of all such costs.


Generous @ tipsforjesus are thought to be clearly neodyn man, a few. Rather, it was believed: in the year 2013 it turned out that someone else was hiding behind this account, as vice president of PayPal Jack Selby.


5. A fun account shows the torment of an unhappy man, forced to walk around the shops


The ratio of shopping to men and women is very very different, and a fun account on Instagram once again it proves. Meet: Unhappy husband @ miserable_men— the personification of all bored men of the whole world, sleeping in tricks, chewing something lazily or reading intrusion centers waiting once, finally wives will return endless campaign shopping.



6. High school student imitates every US president


Chaz Rorick, or @ ohheyitschaz — high school student. A guy lives near Rochester, NY— In general, an ordinary American schoolboy. He is editing your photos so that they become as similar as possible US presidents. Natakoy photoblog inspired his film President Harry S. Truman.


The guy already took a photo of the very presidents, when they ended, began to impersonate world leaders famous athletes of the past and present.

7. This account shows World Travel Toys Fox and Donation Collection


Mr. Fox— @ TheTravelingMrFox— Toy the fox, which its owner Jessica Johnson carries everywhere I’ve been with you for 30 years. They travel peace together Jessica photographs a teddy pet wherever they are stop in our way. The fox traveler has already been at Buckingham Palace, the Vatican and the Eiffel Tower.


Now Jessica takes a picture of a fox to help the patient to a friend: she plans to write a book on her travels slis to raise money around the world travel for the person who once gave her a toy.

8. Creative hermaphroditism of the master of makeup Matu Andersen


Matu Andersen— @ mathu7— Creative Producer “RuPaul’s Drag Race” project Hairdresser RuPola. Daily Andersen surprises his followers with the most interesting photographs shown “masculine femininity.”


Andersen’s ambassadors, he likes what people can see with your own eyes so specific photos even share what you saw with other people. Aesche he likes own vision of the world and own fantasy so that makeup artist works take off your full strength.


9. Account with the worst food in the world


Thanks to Instagram, food porn appeared – yes, let’s call a spade a spade. Account @ cookingforbae shows us the most disgusting products on the Internet. Caution- not for the faint of heart.

10. Witty account – a parody of off-beat Instagram


@ satiregram is a fun witty account dedicated to Instagram cliche. We publish materials oed, duck faces, and other meme boredom. By no less, instead of uploading the photos themselves, the account owner only posts descriptions of them paper reasons (by the way, not always obvious, but always funny) why people do such Photo.

11. Account known for photographs of people slivy igigram


Nothing declares almost indecent wealth louder than instagram photos in exotic predators — lions and itigers. In account @ humaidalbuqaish you can see exactly this is.


Every day, 360,000 followers see photos AlBuQuash of his big cats. They cuddle sneeze, are fighting snigord stand next to this luxurious cars. How he received his wealth is unknown It’s clear that he lives on such a luxury which many can only dream of.

12. @cashcats show how cats can live well


If you love charming, but cool feline animals, take a look account @ cashcats, where they pose for photographers “VIP cats” surrounded by cash, weapons stunning luxury.


The account created by Will Zwigart was conceived as “VIP-room” for the “thoroughbred rich kote”, quickly became a platform for the representation of people enrichment Ivlasti – cats began to appear on the background of alcohol, firearms and all kinds of world currency.


Zvigart states that he didn’t plan anything— people themselves paint such an image of rich cats, that’s how people imagine wealth, power and belonging high social class.

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