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Instagram users have probably come across Instagram feed doesn’t want to be updated. While loading The application does not open a single photo. How to fix it and in what could be the problem?

The feed on Instagram is not updated Photos and videos subscribers in the feed just do not appear, but instead an error pops up about the impossibility of updating the Instagram feed. We will try to help you with this.

Unable to update the feed on Instagram what to do?

First, check your network connection settings. your smartphone or tablet. May be access to Is there no internet at all ?! Look at the Wi-Fi and transfer icons mobile internet data. As for the second, sometimes at low Internet speeds while uploading volumetric photos or VideoInstagram cannot update the feed.

Why the feed on Instagram is not updated Secondly, in in case you have access to the Internet, but the transmission speed data is excellent (you calmly use other applications for exception instagram), then you should update application Instagram or as a last resort OS your gadget. After that, the error in updating the tape should to be fixed.

Update feed on Instagram Thirdly, even if the previous ones manipulations did not help, then you most likely encountered a “glitch” applications. So you have to wait until Instagram developers will update it. We advise you write developers a letter in which you need to indicate problems using Instagram. If you encountered any other problem in instagram then write us in the comments about her. And we, in turn, will try to you help solve it.

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