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It happens that you can’t make any absolutely simple action on Instagram, for example, you can’t register, send a video (although your phone supports this function), comments disappear, hash tags do not work, photos are not laid out in the tape the way you did immediately before shipping. This section of the site, hopefully answer all these questions. You just have to read carefully notes and complete everything they say.

In the “Problem Solving” section, I tried to describe typical user errors on Instagram and give recommendations on their elimination. Very often it’s not possible to do something because of banal carelessness, unwillingness to read and translate erroneous Messages issued by the application. In addition, it happens that you need to put some checkmark in the settings, about which you are not you know, or just do the action differently.

Articles in the Problem Solving Section

Click on the link and read more about your problem, as well as how you can solve it.

Why I can’t share the video The video uploaded to the tape. Solution of problemswhat do if hash tags don’t work work? Solution of problemshow fix registration error The most common errors are shown. I can’t leave a comment I can not write to the right to the user. Solution of problemsNot I can subscribe to the user The button lights up in green and then goes off immediately. Solution of problemsSubscribers are goneHow to get them back? Solution of problemsNot logs into InstagramWhy can’t I get to my account and how to fix it? Solution of problemsUnable to update tape followers and likes. Solution of problemsNot it turns out to add the location to the publicationHow to fix it? Why am I blocked? What are the rules of the Instagram application did i break Solution of problemsNot sound is played in the video The problem is solved by a simple tick in settings. Solution of problemsHow to recover a deleted account I deleted my profile, but I want to to bring back. Solution of problemsNot does SMS come with a code on Instagram? Use the free service sms! Solution of problemsHow do I get rid of other people’s notifications? I get likes and my girlfriend’s comments! Solution of problemsNot are the three most likely reasons and how to solve this a problem. Solution of problemsErrors in maintaining multiple accounts are also some methods their decisions. Solution of problemsNot my new username is displayed! Clean the application cache and All will pass! Solution of problemsNot uploading a large video to Instagram video recording more than 15 seconds? Solution of problemsNot I see comments under Instagram posts! What should I do? Hacked account? If you were hacked and blocked on Instagram, profile can I return!

I hope my notes will help you deal with difficulties in working with the Instagram application. I believe that you have everything will work out.

Communication with the administration and complaints about users violating regulations

What if someone created an account on my behalf? How delete it? Solution of problemsIN Instagram child! How to complain about the fact that on Instagram Is a child under 13 years old registered?

If you still can’t find the answer to your question

In this case, most likely you need to familiarize yourself with this article:

Reporting Instagram Developers Problems and Bugs applications.

Also be sure to read the comments under the article, maybe in them you will find something useful for yourself. Good luck

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