Instagram Account Blocked? Here Is What You Need To Do


Instagram Account Blocked? Here Is What You Need To Do

Engineers at Instagram are fighting hard to make the site clean and secure. They have system and process already build to flag and block spam entering to their site.

We as an ordinary social media users do not read the irte rmof use which results in getting our account blocked. There are certain rules for every website. And if you break the law, you arein trouble.

However, these systems and processes are builds by humans and itcan sometimes block innocent users. So, let’s discuss how exactly you can unblock your Instagram account.

There are three types of account blockage on Instagram. One oft hem is Permanent Block, Temporary Block and Limited-Temporary Block.

Let’s see more about these blocks in detail one byone.

Permanent Block

As the name itself says, this block on your account is permanent. Your account is permanently blocked due to an alleged violation of Instagram’s Terms of Use (TOU).

In most cases, the permanent blocked accounts are hard to getback until you have a solid case.

Instagram Account Blocked? Here Is What You Need To Do

Temporarily block

This type of block is temporary and the account can be restore deasily. In this case, your account is temporarily blocked due to suspicious and spam activities.

It is easy to reinstate account from temporarily block.In most cases, Instagram automatically lifts the ban within thenext 24 hours of your account being blocked.

Instagram Account Blocked? Here Is What You Need To Do

Partial-Temporary Block:

The partial-temporary block is a limited block which meansyou’re still able to use Instagram but you’re restricted or blocked from engaging with the content you see in your feed.

Your account is partially limited because of spam/suspicious behaviour.

For example,

  • If you follow a lot of people in a short period of time thenyou’ll be blocked from following people on Instagram.
  • If you like pictures a lot as well in short span of time, thenyou’re blocked from liking pictures on Instagram.
  • Instagram also blocks you from doing both, that is called“Action Block”.


Now, we are familiar with the types of blocks Instagram does to our accounts. Let’s discuss some more possible reasons for a solution to get your account back.

How To Get Back Permanently Blocked Instagram Account?

If you are permanently blocked you won’t be able to do anything in your account! Instagram only block an account if user perform extreme violation of their term of use.

Normal accounts are blocked using algorithm but verified accounts are flagged and manually reviewed by their team to make a further decision. In either case, you can reach out to them and explain your situation.

This can be a huge pain in the ass if you are getting some good success from Instagram. After all, the algorithm is a machine created by humans and there is always room for error. Instagram knows this and they are open to listening to you. They are not tightening their screws on their users and advocates.

The only option you have is to appeal your suspension. If youthink you are blocked by mistake. You can appeal to reinstate youraccount.

Log in to your account and follow on screen instructions to appeal your ban. Read more.It may take 24 hours to two weeks to get back YES or NO answer.

Don’t panic and delete all photos or change description and links. The only thing you can do is to delete objectionable material (porn videos, clickbait, spam, outbound links, etc) but we all believe that Instagram can still access your deleted photos.

But try to delete them to make your case stronger and it isworth a try than losing your account forever. In future, make sure you go through their TOU and follow them so that your account won’tbe permanently disabled.

How To Get Back Temporarily Blocked Instagram Account?

If your violation is not severe. Instagram will block you for several hours/days depending on the nature of your violation.

There are certain rules/limits on your activity which is not mentioned by Instagram. For example:

How quickly you

  • Like photos
  • Comment on Photos
  • Follow users

If you are following hundreds of users, liking thousands of photos in a short span of time, Instagram will block you for spam and suspicious activity. They created Instagram for humans,not bots!

These type of limitations are quite important because some spammers take advantage of this and make the experience poor forother users.

As a result, the platform starts to decline and the real user fades away. It is very challenging and Instagram is fighting hardwith this spam.

This temporary blockage is also taking place when you have signed up for some auto followers, or auto likers online. Avoid them at any cost. Such likers, like tons of photos in a short period of time using your account.

The first step is to identify the reason not to repeat it again.Ask yourself what activities you performed before getting banned?

  • Did you follow too many people in short time?
  • Did you like photos without 5-10 seconds delays?
  • Do you used any automated software and didn’t used the delay feature?

If you can answer these questions you are on the right track. Tobe honest, you can’t do anything if you are banned except waiting for 24-28 hours.Once you are account is limited. Don’t panic and stop using your account for24-48 hours to see what happens. It usually end itself.

However, if you’ve been using Auto Followers or Auto Liker then it is recommended that you change your password so that they don’thave access to your account for following or liking people picture without you knowing.

An ordinary Instagram users Robin Thomas suggest:

Instagram Account Blocked? Here Is What You Need To Do

How To Get Back Partial-Temporary or Action Blocked Instagram Account?

It is quite similar to temporary block. Be patient and don’tcontact Instagram right away. Wait for a couple of day and the majority of the times you’d be ok. Usually this type of block is placed when they detect that you’re going too fast while liking,commenting or following people or pictures.

This type of block usually let you browse whole Instagram feed,send DM’s and only the actions i.e, commenting & liking is blocked for 24 hours in most cases. But it is not applicable for everyone,as the time of ban is given by Instagram as well in some cases.

For me, I got action blocked for about 3 days and they mention edit in the dialogue box that appears when you try to like the picture or comment.

This is IP based blocking, however, you can check by switching network if it works. If not, all you have to do is wait for the given mentioned time by Instagram.

If you still can’t get your account back. You can buy one for less than 5$

Don’t abuse Instagram, respect it and you’d be ok. if you really want to spam and want to squeeze money out of it. Make sure youknow the rules of the game first. Otherwise, you can get caught very easily. Instagram engineers are smart and it isn’t easy toplay with them.

Invest time in learning to spend money on testing, create and tweak your own formula and scale it as much as you can.

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