3 tips for those who advertise their profile in Instagram or does VP


Today we’ll talk about advertising your Instagram profile with others people. VP (mutual PR) – this is essentially the same, only free, so the tips below apply to it as well.

1. Before you advertise, prepare your Instagram

You must have interesting and quality content that prompts you to subscribe us:

– high-quality photos (not blurry, not highlighted, with the correct composition). How to shoot on your phone for Instagram, you can read here; – all photos are in the same style (most people like it). How to develop a single style is well written here; – your blog should be on one topic, and it should be clear to readers: who what you write about how you can be useful. Write about this in profile header, and in posts you can mention; – interesting posts, quality tests. Posts should be easy to read, user wanted to bookmark the post. Before advertising or VP recent publications should be the best because first turn the person will watch them.

How to advertise on Instagram

2. Choose the right blog for advertising and VP

Ideally with this site you should have the same audience: for example, mothers of children under one year old, phytoni. I.e logical when two moms do VP. Of course, you can order a blogger’s ad with a similar audience (e.g. baby clothes blogger’s mom).

Even before searching for bloggers for VP or advertising, you must Decide who your audience is. And you need to know not just gender, age and place of residence, but also more detailed definitions: tastes, interests, lifestyle.

3. Advertising test is very important

Even if you find an excellent advertising platform with a similar audience, without wound subscribers and likes (how to determine that the blogger winds up likes and subscribers), but write a bad one test for advertising, there will be a failure.

A blog post or public post promoting you should

– attract and interest the target audience; – encourage go to your profile and subscribe; – you should be advertising native (i.e. as organically inscribed on the blog as possible) as a good recommendation). However, the sites are different, and For some bloggers, the post will “drop in” when they’re right they’ll write that this is an advertisement.

How to advertise on Instagram

And if you have well prepared your blog for advertising, then many will follow you when they see interesting content.

Listen to these 3 tips, and advertise your profile in Instagram in other publics and bloggers will become more effective.

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