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To post new photos, comment on friends and to watch funny videos, you need to register on Instagram. The procedure can be performed using a mobile device or computer version of the site.

Registration through the application

To register via phone for free, the user must download the mobile app. It is available at the official site and content stores Play Market and AppStore. You can find through a standard search by specifying “Instagram”. The first and most popular extradition position is that necessary.

After downloading the application, you should:

  1. Open Instagram and click on the button “Register”. Available option via Facebook and email.
  2. By choosing an option through a social network, basic information will be taken from there: name, surname, photograph. User can come up with a nickname. Via email or phone – specify contact information. Registration on Instagram via emailRegistration on Instagram via email
  3. Clicking next, a window appears with user data entry, attaching photos. You can skip the last point.
  4. Select Create Account.

Initially, the page will be blank, without publications and descriptions. pages. In the future, this can be changed through profile editing. The function is next to the avatar User: “Edit Description”.

From your phone, you can connect an additional Facebook account, to improve security and change authorization settings.

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Registration using a computer

Computer registration is available through: Bluestacks and web version of the social network. To use the standard way, you need to go to the official Instagram page.

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Instructions on how to register via computer:

  1. Choose a registration method: via a Facebook page or number mobile. Instagram registration pageInstagram registration page
  2. Indicate the main data: come up with a username, enter Name, enter password. Instagram registration via PCInstagram registration via PC
  3. If you have chosen a method with a mobile number, then wait until confirmation will be sent to the phone. This is the code you need to enter for page authorization.
  4. Proceed to filling out the questionnaire on the site.

The user will be able to edit the profile, but photos can only be downloaded via mobile phone and Bluestacks

Mobile device emulators are designed to work with Android operating system, without connecting to the phone. The program launches games and applications that work only under OS control for smartphones.

Using them, you can register on Instagram with computer: upload photos, write comments and even create broadcasts.

Register through Bluestacks

The method is suitable in cases where it is necessary to place a new publication, but no access to the mobile device. First first, you need to download the program from the official website and install it on a PC.

  1. Launch, connect to your profile on Google or create new. Install Instagram from the blogInstall Instagram from the blog
  2. In the store search write “Instagram”.Install Instagram from Blustak 2Install Instagram from Blustak 2
  3. Wait for the application to be installed.

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You can open a social network through a shortcut on the desktop or emulator. Further registration is the same as on mobile version.

Facebook Login

One way to register on a social network is to log in using Facebook. Both sites are connected, as they relate to one developer company. Make an Instagram page through FB possibly on both mobile and computer versions. For Registration needs a second, verified profile.

How to register on Instagram via FB on a computer:

  1. Go to the official website.
  2. Select: “Log in with Facebook.”
  3. Verify second page credentials – go to register a new profile.
  4. Specify a nickname, create a password – Create.

After registering with Facebook, the main photo and name The user will be transferred to the page on Instagram. Owner can edit the data using the item: “Change profile” or by going to general settings. For example, associate a page with current phone number or set a password.

If the account in FB is blocked – go to Instagram not will work out. Therefore, it is recommended to add other methods. account recovery like email or number.

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