7 rules for a successful live broadcast in Instagram


Broadcasts are a great tool for promoting your profile and involving your subscribers. But so that people like your stories, live on Instagram you need correctly, more precisely, not just like that, thoughtfully, understanding your concerns readers – the target audience. I offer some tips that help you conduct cool broadcasts.

1. Identify and stick to the topic of your broadcast.

Conducting a live broadcast without a topic is a waste of time. Your viewers will be bored when you mumble for the hundredth time: “Well, ask me about something! “and, as a result, leave you.

Therefore, be sure to choose a topic that will be of interest to your to followers and to which you yourself can broadcast, if not endlessly, then at least 10 minutes. You can ask the subscribers in the post or stories that they will be interested in hearing from you, to hold poll.

2. Announcement of the event

If you spontaneously start a live broadcast, you will have few viewers. It is a fact. Therefore, before broadcasting, be sure to event announcement: tell subscribers in posts and stories that You are planning a live broadcast. Indicate the exact time.

Rules of live broadcast on Instagram

It is advisable to make an announcement not in half an hour, but at least in a day, so that More of your readers have learned about this.

3. Time is of the essence

Choose a convenient broadcast time for your followers. For this can be seen in statistics, where people come from, on you signed. If you have a personal profile, you can directly ask subscribers when it’s more convenient to talk with you.

Rules of live broadcast on Instagram

4. Get ready to live on Instagram

If the topic of your broadcast is not a question and answer, get ready: outline the outline of your speech, indicate important points, speak at least once what you want to convey to the audience. Try to give a lot of information, but succinctly so that your presentation does not dragged on.

It is believed that the optimal time for broadcasting on Instagram is 5-30 minutes. It seems to me that 5 minutes is definitely not enough if you have serious speech. During this time, you will only have time to gather viewers and talk about what you are going to broadcast.

30-40 – the optimal duration of live broadcast on Instagram, in my opinion.

5. Think over the structure of your speech.

Live broadcast is a speech to the public, this is a report. therefore better if you stick to the standard feed structure material by speakers: introduction, designation of questions, main part (where you answer the questions that you asked earlier), conclusion, answers to questions from the audience.

6. Engage the audience

How to live on Instagram so that it is interesting? Not forget to engage viewers: conduct contests, polls, quick Draws directly during the broadcast, carefully inserting them into the structure of your report, or even devoting an entire broadcast to the competition or a raffle. Have users ask you questions commented on you. For example, at the end, ask if your the material is useful.

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7. Be polite, respect your viewers, block inadequate

Yes, there are speakers on Instagram who are rude and swear, and they subscribe for it. But this is rather an exception to the rule, since Instagram is not a paid webinar or performance on conferences, and people just get impudent. I advise you to be polite to their viewers and this is not to be allowed. And if in the comments inadequate personalities appear, block them, or generally disable the ability to comment for a while.

If you’re used to speaking in public, it’s right to be direct Instagram instagram will definitely not bother you! If not, it costs a little learn, stick to the rules above and turn fear narrate. Well, if it doesn’t work, first try engage your audience with other methods and then return to broadcasting.

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Sometimes advice needs to be broken

Not always live on Instagram should be a lecture for your subscribers. If you know exactly what your readers will interesting to see, for example, a holiday in your family in the mode real time, or a shopping trip, or a walk in the park, show it! In any case, only you are the owner of your blog, and only you decide what to show in the stories.

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