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All official targeted advertising on Instagram goes through Facebook It’s not even necessary to have an account on Instagram, but Facebook account and official page for your business – required.

In this article, you’ll learn how to set up targeted ads. on Instagram (via Facebook and in the app) and how much it costs. we We will analyze the subtleties and problems that appear when you want make and run ads. We’ll configure the display not only in the feed Instagram, but also in stories.

If you need to make advertising on Instagram yourself – read our instructions below.

Types of advertising on Instagram

  • targeted advertising (via the Instagram application or through Facebook): in Instagram feed, in Stories
  • at bloggers or in public

Both types of advertising have their pros and cons. Bloggers have a loyal “warm” audience, and targeting is faster to launch and easier to control.

? Advertising with bloggers Instagram WITHOUT A ROUND

How to properly configure and run the official targeted Instagram ads and how much does it cost?

Targeted ads on the Internet (on sites, in social networks, etc.) – this is where you can choose which the audience will show it. Gender, age, place of residence, interests – all of these options can be customized advertising.

The main advantages of targeted advertising:

  • can be quickly set up and run (no need to waste time to negotiate with a blogger)
  • there is no “human factor” (a blogger can do poorly work or deceive and not publish an advertising post at all)
  • flexible setting of the audience who will see the advertising post (all information about users is pulled from their profiles to Facebook)
  • full control over the timing of the show and how much it will cost Instagram ads
  • detailed statistics (how many people saw the advertisement, how many follow the link, etc.)

rules targeted advertising on facebook via facebook

Instagram targeted advertising policies

The most common problems that appear are when you want to advertise on Instagram:

  • The page has not been translated into a business profile.
  • You are not the administrator of the Facebook page (or you have Facebook advertising debt) to which the account is linked Instagram – in this case, the message “You can’t create ads for the Facebook Page connected to this Instagram account “;
  • photo of the wrong size (the picture can be made using special programs and services for Instagram);
  • text longer than 300 characters;
  • your Facebook page has been blocked (for example, if you created a “fake” for these purposes).

Full list of rules:

1. Promote posts and advertise on Instagram via Facebook You can only by making an author’s account or a business account in Instagram.

2. You must be the administrator of the Facebook page to which linked account Instagram.

3. Text: up to 300 characters

4. Picture Size:

  • square – minimum 600 * 600 pixels, maximum 1936 * 1936 pixels
  • rectangle (landscape orientation) – min. 600 * 315, max. 1936 * 1936
  • rectangle (portrait orientation) – min. 600 * 750, max. 1936 * 1936

5. Video: maximum 4GB

6. Image / video aspect ratio

  • Square – 1: 1
  • Landscape Orientation – 1.91: 1
  • Portrait Orientation – 4: 5

6. Prohibited materials: medicines, tobacco, adult products, Images “before” and “after”, etc. Full list: https: //

How much does Instagram advertising cost?

You set the cost of official advertising yourself when targeting (see below). Anyway, more You will not spend the established budget. Minimum budget – 20 rubles.

When will you target your audience (age, interests, location accommodation), Facebook will offer two options for advertising coverage (bigger and more expensive, less and cheaper). Or you can offer your budget. If you have a rich audience (for example, women 30 with interests “luxury cosmetics”), but at the same time if you set a small overall budget, then your ad will see a little people. Therefore, for maximum coverage, set prices in the range Facebook offers when targeting. Not worry, right after the start of advertising all the money will not be debited. On the Facebook has a postpaid system – first an advertisement it is unscrewed, then money is debited from the card.

Of course, I want to figure out in advance how much it will cost advertising. But in each case, the cost of advertising in the tape Instagram will be different, and you can find out the budget without even entering data cards for payment. Those. finding out the cost will not cost you anything. Target and see an approximate price. General rule – than richer audience (age, interests, place of residence – Moscow the most expensive region for targeting), the more expensive the advertisement. Also than more competitors are more expensive. If you need to save, while getting the maximum coverage, and the place of residence is not important – exclude Moscow and St. Petersburg from targeting.

How to set up and run ads on Instagram

How to set up and run Instagram ads on Facebook

Instagram post promotion

The easiest way to make targeted ads is in the feed. But and audience settings here will be less than if configured through Facebook For “try” is suitable, but then you need to use Facebook advertising account (instructions below).

  1. Transfer your account to “business”, link to a page on Facebook (if there is no such page, then create a public page for your business – not to be confused with your personal page).
  2. A blue Promot button should appear under the posts. If it is inactive, so your post does not comply with the rules of advertising (see above). Edit it or make a new one according to the rules.
  3. Click виг Promote ’and target the cost advertising and duration (? detailed instructions how set up ads in the Instagram feed step by step).
  4. To remove ads – click “view promotion, “then the three dots at the top and” delete. ”

Targeted Instagram Ads on Facebook

  1. Create an advertising account in Ads Manager
  2. Choose a goal. For Instagram it can be: recognition brand, reach, traffic (clicks on a site or on an application page in store), application installation, engagement (only for publications), video views, conversions (on the site or in application), lead generation. The goal determines what you will be pay (impressions, clicks on the site, application installation, etc.)
  3. Target your audience (location, age, gender, interests).
  4. Placement types: select Instagram – Stream.
  5. Set the budget and schedule for displaying ads on Instagram.
  6. Select the Facebook page associated with the promotion. business account.
  7. Upload an image or video. Can load slideshows from photo or video. If it doesn’t fit in size, Facebook will show you notification and recommended size (1,200 x 628 pixels).
  8. Add an advertising link and select the text for the button (call for action).
  9. Add ad text (up to 300 characters).
  10. Click “place order” and wait for the advertisement to pass Facebook moderation.

Instagram Story Ads

Officially, ads in Stories so far can only be launched via Ads Manager on Facebook.

  1. Go to Ads Managerhttps: //
  2. Click “Create Ad”.
  3. Goal – Coverage
  4. Scroll down to the Placement Types section.
  5. Click Edit Placements, Platforms — Instagram – Stories
  6. Everything else – as in regular advertising in the Instagram feed (coverage, budget, schedule) – see video above
  7. Upload a vertical photo or video for 15 seconds and with aspect ratio 9:16.

Unofficially, Instagram Stories ads can be bought from the same bloggers, negotiating with each personally. And the prices for this advertising is lower than on a post in the feed. Therefore if you have inexpensive product or a small budget for the promotion of your account, then advertising in Stories are great. Small bloggers put a price 500-1000rub. for such an advertisement. Be sure to ask a blogger put a mention of your account (@ account name) on the ad photo, this will greatly increase the conversion.

After you make an advertisement on Instagram, be sure to keep track of statistics. You can post two similar ads. immediately, see which photo / text gives a higher conversion and leave only him, and less effective to remove.

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