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Advertising on Storis Instagram is what potential audience in a social network. Unlike Tape, History involves short videos, captions, and transitions on links.

At the moment, create an advertising post on Instagram itself not available. To take advantage of the offer, you must connect Facebook.

What is advertising on Storis Instagram

There are two ways to advertise on Storys Instagram: create on your own or entrust to professionals. In the first In the case, the profile owner must evaluate all risks: incorrect selected target audience, budget, number of clicks by link (estimated coverage). In the second, apply for advertising services will have to be regularly.

Advertising is necessary for:

  • brand or product promotion. For example, a mobile application or company website;
  • personal blog and target audience search;
  • increase site traffic;
  • sales and services.

Instagram Advertising ExampleInstagram Advertising Example

Available formats: link placement, go to profile or short lettering with invitation. Users are available such tools: video and image.

To work with advertising, you need to create a profile on Facebook and Link it to your Instagram page. Also, the function is available. only for business profiles.

If your account is in “Personal” status, you can transfer it in the appropriate category:

  1. Log in to the application.
  2. Select “Settings” – Go to Business Profile.
  3. Specify the created page on Facebook in the parameters.
  4. Confirm action.

Using an already working page, it remains to add images, descriptions and other features for advertising publications.

How to launch RK on Instagram

One of the options for launching ads in Stories is Take advantage of Ads Manager. This is the section that is located on personal page in the left menu. You need to select “Advertising” to go to the editor.

Using the customization tools, the user becomes available:

  • the target audience. Approximate age, geographic status, marital status and gender;
  • budget and traffic. Virtual Manager Counts Estimated reach, shows the number of users who can see record;
  • format setting. It can be a video or photo, several images or link with text;
  • Adding links and text. Additional Information, helping to attract and sales.

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Edit Ads on Facebook StoriesEdit Ads on Facebook Stories

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In addition to Ads Manager, business profile owners are available “Creative center”. This is an easy way to set up quickly. advertising, without resorting to the parameters of coverage and detailed study Promotions.

Also, in the “Creative Center” you can see examples in the section “Inspiration”.

How to set up ads

For example, the “Creative Center”, you can consider a simple template for launching an advertising proposal:

  1. Follow the link in the CC to the Instagram creation page Stories
  2. Indicate name, insert profile photo, upload picture or text.
  3. In the upper right corner is the list: “Create Layout” – choose the appropriate option. An example of a layout for advertising on InstagramAn example of a layout for advertising on Instagram
  4. Use the preview. Test page advertising on InstagramTest page advertising on Instagram
  5. Click “Save.”

Import advertising into Instagram StoriesImport advertising into Instagram Stories

All further actions with the layout are available in Ads Manager, where The publication is sent using Import.

Instructions on how to set up ads for Instagram:

  1. Open the Virtual Manager.
  2. Indicate purpose: to get a new audience “Traffic” or “Coverage”. Fast editing mode on Facebook advertisingFast editing mode on Facebook advertising
  3. Set up an advertising account, specify currency and geographical position.
  4. In the “Ad Group”, indicate the Facebook group (or page), if necessary – indicate the parameters of the target audience.
  5. Scroll to: “Placement types” – Edit. If does not automatically show Stories – select manually. Placement Types on FacebookPlacement Types on Facebook
  6. In the last category click: Confirm and wait for verification advertising publication.

Promotions are moderated. If the user incorrect filled categories – publication will be rejected. She can edit and resubmit.

Set up promotions

The second way to advertise on Instagram is to use Promotions. This section appears as soon as the owner of the page Goes to a business function or Author. To work with advertising through Instagram, you need to connect Facebook and set up public page.

Payment occurs through data entry in the application itself. By When completed, a notification of the cost of the service will appear. Indicator calculated before and after the advertising campaign. That is, with using the days and impressions graph, the total amount.

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How to make a promotion inside Instagram:

  1. Go to your profile – go to stories.
  2. Click on the bottom three points: “Promote”.
  3. Specify settings: audience, budget, geolocation.
  4. Confirm creation.

An advertising company will not be created if the user used an image or video that doesn’t fit, weight or contain prohibited materials.

As with Facebook, the promotion will be sent to moderation and confirmation. Notifications will result in where errors or a start message are indicated. If the user has connected page from FB, the first promotion can be ordered for free through coupon.

How much advertising in Stories can cost

The cost per impression depends on the settings specified by the owner pages. By creating an ad, cost data Located in: “Ad Group” – Budget and Schedule. User Enter the value that you are ready to spend in one week impressions.

The system automatically calculates how much money will be spent. Using the “Advanced Options”, become bid strategies are available: the minimum and maximum. it means that less money is spent on display per day, but also coverage decreases accordingly.

Spent on Instagram AdvertisingSpent on Instagram Advertising

When ordering advertising from specialists, you can immediately determine how much there is an advertisement in Storis Instagram. Average cost is: from $ 100 for coverage of $ 2,000,000 to $ 1,000 from 10,000,000 Impressions

By independently configuring, the user can select a value in 50 rubles, where the number of transitions will be: less than 2-3 in day.

Advertising on Storis Instagram is suitable for owners of their own business and users with a personal blog.

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