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The easiest way to set up ads is through Instagram, right in application. No need to figure out how to make official ads through Facebook, you can promote your post with the click of a button, without leaving Instagram. Important! Your account must be business profile or Author Account.

But the promotion of post and advertising through Instagram has limitations. There are fewer audience settings. For example, you can’t filter out those who are already following your Facebook page. Therefore, to “try” advertising through Instagram directly in The application is suitable, but then it’s better to use an advertising Facebook account.

How to set up advertising through Instagram: Post Promotion

Select the post (photo, gallery, video) that you want to promote. If necessary, edit the text (the first line is the most important, plus there should be a call to action). Remember that edited the post can only be promoted in 15-30 minutes if earlier – then the post with the old text will go to advertising.

Click the blue Promote button. If it is inactive, or you click and nothing happens, then read about the rules for Instagram advertising posts. May not be suitable photo / video or text. How to set up advertising through Instagram - Promotion of the post

Ad destination

Where do you want people to get from advertising – to your account Instagram, website or Direct? how to run an advertising post on Instagram

Create or select your target audience.

You can select “Automatically” – and Instagram will show Your post to people similar to your followers. If you did ever cheat, then do not choose this option. Create new audience in terms of its parameters.

How to advertise a post on Instagram

To create a target audience for customizing post promotion, Click Create Your Own:

  • enter the name of the audience;
  • “places” – where the target audience lives;
  • “interests” – what the audience is interested in (the more interests, the more coverage – click on the magnifier icon and find suitable for you);
  • age and gender.

How to set up ads through Instagram 2019

Advertising will appear not only in the feed. Instagram automatically customize and display ads in Stories.

Budget and Duration

You can understand how much advertising will cost. stage, having done all the previous settings. The minimum amount, which you can spend – 20 p. / day. The bigger your budget the more people see your ad in their feed or in stories (more coverage). If you want to increase your coverage, remove Moscow from Mesto and St. Petersburg, remove the “dear” interests. Such an audience more solvent and competition for it is greater, respectively, and move on it more expensive.

setting up ads through Instagram 2019 - how much?

Click “Next” and check the data. Here you can see how your ad will look in the stream – click “Preview “. Read the text again, check the link and buttons. It’s better to spend an extra minute on it than just drain the budget So.

post promotion on Instagram 2019post promotion - how to set up advertising through Instagram 2019

The total cost of advertising post on Instagram will be 20% more than you set in the budget. 20% is a tax for citizens of the Russian Federation. Of course, you don’t have to pay, specifying as your region in Facebook account in another country. “Will you something for it “is unknown. To decide whether or not to risk it is up to you.

Next, “Add a new payment method”, select a card or PayPal

set up post promotion on Instagram

Once you have selected a payment method, it becomes active Create Promotion button. Done.

Advertising doesn’t start right away; first it passes the test Instagram, after approval, the ad starts. How long there will definitely be a check – Instagram does not say.

After checking by the moderator, the advertising post will begin to show (promotion of publication on Instagram). Promotion Statistics You can see by clicking the button in the header of the “Promotions” account and after “View statistics.”

How to remove Instagram post promotion

In the account header, click the “Promotions” button. Click “View statistics.” Scroll down and click “Delete.” promotion. “The post will not be deleted.

How to remove the promotion of a post on InstagramHow to remove Instagram photo promotion How to remove the promotion of a post on Instagram

Advanced advertising settings for promoting posts on Instagram is in the official Facebook account. There you can make ads with photos and videos that you don’t have in your account and even advertise on Instagram your application or site, without an account in Instagram.

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