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Going to the account, the user will see: “Page closed “- this means a private profile on Instagram. That is, protection by privacy settings from others.

What is a private profile on Instagram

It is possible to make an account on Instagram private after registration by specifying the relevant privacy settings. This option is not suitable for business page owners where necessary. track statistics and share useful users information. But large accounts are increasingly moving to this format due to the ability to filter comments and send messages to other users.

How to make an Instagram profile private:

  1. Go to Instagram – log in.
  2. Go to “Settings” – Privacy.
  3. Closed account – move the switch.

If business functions were previously installed, will appear on the screen. appropriate warning. Statistics, branded content will be unavailable. This means that the main functions of a business account are deleted.

Also, to view a private profile, another user need to subscribe. That is, send a request to the owner of the page, which he can confirm or reject.

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Private mode features and capabilities

Private mode on Instagram – these are accounts on which you can subscribe by permission of the owner of the page. Description available profile, avatar. Publications, Stories and Actuals are hidden from strangers.

What is the difference between a private checkmark on Instagram from business and open accounts:

  • friend subscriptions appear in the section: “Notifications”;
  • filter offensive comments and the opportunity is easier sort subscribers
  • the content is hidden from competitors: it is possible to see the records after subscriptions.

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But there are drawbacks: users are more likely to subscribe to pages where photos and videos are available for general display. I.e, a potential subscriber sees what information he will receive.

The second drawback is that there is no promotion and display in the TOP. It’s not possible to use paid promotions because of disabled business functions.

Public page owners have encountered a problem: sending messages to non-subscribers, the latter respond less frequently or completely reject the newsletter. To write to a person who is not in subscriptions – you need to send a request for sending messages. Category: “Applications” rarely seen, leading to loss potential audience. The second problem is the page that sent the request is not displayed.

Large companies are gradually transitioning to private reasons:

  • the ability to retain an audience. When unsubscribing from such a page, a notification appears: “Are you sure you want to cancel subscription “;
  • easier to work with filters and databases. Target Audience which is already subscribed to the page;
  • increased privacy and security. Blocking any user – he will no longer be able to interact with content.

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But only large communities can allow this: from 100,000 subscribers. These are the pages of brands and companies that are aimed at working with an existing customer base. Also, if the profile has more than 100,000 subscriptions, others users are more likely to submit a request.

Business functions: how to return

It is not possible to restore fully business opportunities: services Do not support working with private profiles. But you can use unloading the database and compiling a list of customers. Using these data, you can create a newsletter and get feedback from the audience.

To make an advertisement, use the following methods:

  • exchange of advertising posts with similar communities subjects;
  • attraction through bloggers.

The second option is most often used due to activity potential audience on personal blogs. But track the transition subscribers and coverage will not work. Only track on requests in subscriptions and user activity after additions.

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