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Angelina Jolie was born on June 4, 1975 in the famous city Los Angeles. There were many different roots in her family: the Iroquois, Slovaks, Franco-Canadians, Germans and Dutch. And from that day on such a bomb of femininity as Angelina exploded in the world.

Jolie on Instagram


Her father was a famous actor John Voight. And Angelina went on to his footsteps. Following in her father’s footsteps, young Angelina received hellish cocktail – creative nature and non-recognition of others. IN as a result, by the age of twenty on Jolie’s beautiful body tattoos and scars, and inside – traces of all existing drugs.

Angelina Jolie Instagram

The extreme nature of Jolie played her a good service when had to get used to the role of Lara Croft. It’s hard to imagine who I could still play the desperate tomb raider, though Victoria Beckham (Instagram @victoriabeckham) could fit in this role. Subsequently, Jolie had many roles of severe beauties: “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” “Salt,” “Particularly Dangerous.”

Jolie’s personal life was quite controversial: twice she married actors (Johnny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton), but both of these marriages fell apart, in the second case – with scandals. Jolie also had lesbian romance – for example, with Jenny Shimizu. However, now that Angelina is married to Brad Pitt, it’s hard to imagine that one of them was looking for happiness on side. Moreover, the family now has six children – three relatives and three foster. Jolie’s adoption activities are part of her charity work and another use side glory to good deeds.

Angelina Jolie Instagram

Angelina Jolie also has her old woman on Instagram. All here officially, no amateur performances. Account Name Immediately reports about this: @angelinajolieofficial. And indeed the photos here look extremely formal and even solemnly.

Instagram Angelina Jolie

No selfies, no photos in the mirror, no seals, species nature and especially food photos. Official Instagram Angelina Jolie is dedicated exclusively to photographs Actresses made by professionals. Meetings, portraits with the right make-up, photos with Brad Pitt, movie posters – everything is official. On the background of fooling around and behaving directly on Instagram other stars, Jolie’s page seems boring.

Still see what Angelina Jolie puts in Instagram, wanting enough. Today on her page is signed about 950 thousand people.

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