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Beautiful girls on Instagram stand out among the total users. You can find professional shots in their profiles, product ads and lots of selfies. Under photographs often missing description or consists of several lines.

List of the most beautiful girls on Instagram

In the TOP were not only Russian beauties, but also foreign models, bloggers and even singers.

Anna Sedokova

Top opens Anna Sedokova, known as a public person and singer. The girl is on the list of beautiful girls of Russia in Instagram, because her profile has reached popularity in 4 million subscribers.

Anna shares photos from events, shows photos from family. Her appearance attracts the attention of not only Russian speakers audience, but also foreign performers, users. Unlike from popular bloggers, Anna does not aim to create a profile in one color scheme or style. In “Saved Stories” can be found links to her social networks in OK, VK, Telegram and Facebook.

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Alena Shishkova

Famous model and ex-wife Timati (Russian businessman and music producer) – one of the most beautiful Instagram girls in Russia. 6.3 million are subscribed to her page users, and each of the photos collects at least 100 thousand Like it.

Alena posts photos related to her professional activities, with a daughter and famous personalities. Girl often publishes pictures of an advertising nature. At the same time, distinguish such publishing from the rest is very difficult.

Aizhan Bayzakova

A girl with amazing looks and a daring character. Aizhan admitted that the created image on Instagram is the role she plays only on a social network. Many profile owner actions Surprise not only subscribers, but even friends.

Aizhan participates in the filming of short videos and music videos. Despite the features of maintaining the profile and the amount of criticism, its add to the list of the most beautiful Instagram girls.

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Demi rose

A petite girl (height 153 cm) quickly reached popularity in native of Britain and became known even in Russia. Number of subscribers is 7.7 million, Demi often receive offers from modeling agencies and cosmetic brands.

Beautiful photos of the girl on Instagram became the key to success, after why the profile owner has become one of the owners verified account. Similar status is assigned to those who became popular in wide circles.

Svetlana Bilyalova

The profile of a girl from Russia scored 6.3 million subscribers. Svetlana’s main activity is video blogging, posting photos and shooting short videos.

It is worth saying that she is the owner of one of the beautiful Intagram account. When publishing, adheres to one style, adding original parts and constantly choosing non-standard photo formats.

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