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In the latest update, Instagram for iPad became available for download from the official resource. Going to a page in the AppStore, in the technical specifications, the user will see: “Supported on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. ”

Where to download Instagram for iPad

Download Instagram for iPad is possible through official services: iTunes and AppStore, and through a standard browser installation version.

There may be problems downloading and installing:

  • Outdated version of iOS
  • device specifications;
  • low connection speed.

If the standard version of Instagram is not installed – available browser option. Use it to add photos, comment and like. Login is available through the browser and additionally created icon.

Get the application from third-party resources only if Jailbreak is installed on the device. But in this case, the user will lose official support from Apple.

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Download via AppStore

Install Instagram on iPad is possible with the AppStore, using latest version of iOS and content store. But with standard search the user will not see Instagram in the list.

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How to find a social network in the AppStore:

  1. Go to the content store – log in.
  2. Enter in the search: “Instagram” – on the side in the panel: “Filter”.
  3. IPhone only – download and install.

Unlike the mobile version, the social network on the iPad does not optimized and implemented in the resolution for the phone. Wherein, all the same functions as for the smartphone are saved. To make it more convenient use the application using the button in the lower right corner of it You can collapse or do more.

Download via iTunes

Using automatic synchronization with Apple services, the user will be able to install Instagram on the computer and later on tablet. For correct installation, you need to disconnect the iPad from the network and Connect to iTunes on PC.

Instructions on how to download and install via synchronization:

  1. Go to iTunes – log in.
  2. In the search enter: “Instagram”.
  3. Click on the cloud icon.
  4. Wait for the application to install.

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Next, you need to turn on the tablet and connect to the network. At automatic synchronization services that are already available installed on the pc. The user is left to go to the AppStore and make instagram installation.

Installation process on iPad

If the application could not be installed by any of the official ways, you can use the browser format.

How to get the Instagram application as an icon on the desktop table:

  1. Open Safari – go to the official Instagram site.
  2. Log in – wait for the inscription: “Install on work table”.
  3. Confirm action.

The method may not work with a standard browser, therefore others are offered to the user: Google Chrome or Mozilla. The Instagramgram for iPad will be installed as a direct link to social network. But the minimum feature set will remain: including Settings and Direct.

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