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Old instagram versions are more stable for owners of weak devices or outdated. But install such an application from an official source is impossible.

Download current old versions

On legacy devices, applications often stop be updated. In the latest versions, on the Instagram page on Play Market and App Store information appeared: version depends on a smartphone. That is, users get a version that Corresponds to the technical properties of the phone.

If a new version was installed on the smartphone, to install old need to delete the existing one. Next – select the appropriate and stable application update or old version.

Removing the application does not equal deactivating the page. Removing account record, restore or log in through your account will impossible. Removing a software product means that the user will be able to access the page, even through a computer.

instagram- APKinstagram- APKinstagram- APK

How to uninstall a new and install an old version

Errors that users encounter after updates:

  • unable to post. When choosing photos application closes;
  • Stories or broadcasts do not work;
  • It is also impossible to send a message to Direct – the system does not shows a list of nicknames.

These errors are associated with the work of Instagram and new versions. On the regularly updated smartphones and new, no problems. Yet one reason why users are reverting to older versions is design and lack of additional features. It does not load smartphone and page design are more familiar to the user.

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Uninstall and install on Android: instructions

To uninstall the application on the Android system, the user can apply two ways: through a page in the Play Market or in a section: “Parameters” – Applications.

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How to delete through the content store:

  1. Open Play Market – go to the Instagram page.
  2. Select application – on the tab with a social network Delete Remove Instagram from Play MarketRemove Instagram from Play Market
  3. Wait until the deletion is complete.

After the main application has been removed, you need additionally clear the cache: manually or use third-party cliners.

To install an old version of Instagram on your mobile device:

  1. Go to smartphone settings – Screen lock and security.
  2. Installation from unknown sources – Allow. Unknown Sources for InstagramUnknown Sources for Instagram

On smartphones that support root rights, the user does not need to Allow installation not from official sources.

How to install:

  1. Download an APK file to a computer or smartphone.
  2. Using the “Explorer” to find the file in the smartphone.
  3. Open – Install.
  4. Wait for the process to finish.
  5. Done.

The application will appear in the list of available: on the home screen and in menu. Having opened, you need to enter data to enter the account.

Benefits of Old Updates

With each version of Instagram there are more and more functions. They are may cause a crash in the application, affect the speed loading pages.

Why old updates should be installed:

  • the absence of frequent errors that are caused by the broadcasts, Stories
  • previous design. Description and avatar are located on right;
  • The load on the smartphone is less than in new versions.

The user is offered the familiar design and features that already work stably. In addition to the mobile version, there is a computer: on Windows 10 and in the browser. If you install an old update impossible – you should turn to desktop versions.

Of the shortcomings of the old updates – many new ones are missing functions. For example, viewing other people’s Stories will be impossible. Or connect to Yandex.Direct to send a message to the user, which all updates are installed. Also, the old format Instagram needs to be updated manually, without connecting to the Play Market or appstore.

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Lite version for iOS phones

There is no update rollback feature on the iOS platform. Сthe latest innovations, install through iTunes applications for smartphone has become impossible. The only way out for users without JailBreak – use browser-lite version. Turning on An Instagram page using Safari will be prompted: “Install Instagram to the home screen. “Through the icon, enter the social the network is simpler and faster.

The Lite version is available in the browser:

  1. Go to Safari – type in Instagram search.
  2. Go to the social network page. Add Instagram to the home screenAdd Instagram to the home screen
  3. Open with a browser – log in.

There are no broadcast functions in the mobile version, adding Current and business settings. Install an old version of Instagram on an iOS phone is possible through the Cydia store, on smartphones with Jailbreak

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