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The Ulike application is one of the most popular for creating photos and editing. Despite the English interface, figure it out easy to work.

Ulike has one unusual feature that is not found in other editors. You can download from the App Store and Play Market in two Versions – Lite and Standard.

ULike Features

Ulike Japanese photo editor is designed to create and editing pictures, with prepared templates. On faces the user puts on a mask that changes facial features in mode real time.

Before photographing, choose the settings: chin size, eye, face width, lip augmentation and smoothing of imperfections. Also, the user can select a filter that does not need to be added when editing.

Ulike App for InstagramUlike App for Instagram

There are four buttons on the main screen of the application:

  • Looks Masks for selfies: from makeup to a complete replacement of the background;
  • Pose The main feature of the application is a catalog of poses that Designed for full-length shots, doubles, selfies;
  • Editing facial features;
  • Filter Filters to be added before photographing.

Poses in Ulike for InstagramPoses in Ulike for Instagram

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And the important button is the descent. In the application, you can take a picture or record a video. Editing is not provided for video files, but You can only shoot by long pressing a key. Video length is 30 seconds.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Unlike other applications, Ulike does not spoil the quality. taken pictures. Compression problems are found in many editors, which makes even photos with the iPhone pixel.

When shooting, the user must maintain light balance, correctly adjusting the lighting. In additional shooting parameters: timer, flash, size and grid, color grading, HDR and others.

Instagram Ulike AppInstagram Ulike App


  • image size selection. Above you can specify the resolution that to make the right size of the photo for Instagram;
  • free catalog of filters and masks. Click on selected option and wait for loading;
  • auto-save snapshots. Even unsuccessful photos will be saved in the device storage
  • shooting from the main and front cameras;
  • editing photos from the Gallery.

Of the shortcomings – a watermark at the bottom of the photo. Taking pictures in 3: 4 or 9:16 format, the mark will be cropped on Instagram. Not working in placing a rectangular image, and a square one.

Usefulness for Instagram

In the application, shooting photos and videos is available. Latest format Suitable for Stories and Actual, but a watermark will be visible from below sign. You can crop it using any other editor. (even in the standard way on Instagram).

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Active Instagram users will be able to take selfies or pictures to the main camera. By selecting a photo from the Gallery directory, you can Add filters, edit settings and add makeup.

Instructions on how to retouch a photo:

  1. Download and install Ulike.
  2. Give permission to connect to the storage of media, audio and the camera.
  3. Take a picture or select from the Gallery. Tools on Ulike InstagramTools on Ulike Instagram
  4. After creating a photo – save and open from the Gallery.
  5. In the upper panel, select the created image.
  6. Available tools will appear.
  7. Save button “Save” in the upper right corner.

The photo can be immediately posted to Instagram by selecting Share. The application will offer two options: Tape or History.

The application is free, so pay extra features not necessary. You can download the official version through content stores, where Ulike is constantly being updated. In new versions are added: poses, filters and makeup. If the application has not been updated or appears error on the screen – uninstall and reinstall.

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