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LikeTime on Instagram is one of the ways to promote that often used in medium and small blogs.

What is Like Time on Instagram

Like Time was created to quickly get mutual likes. Then yes, participants exchange marks: “I like” on a certain number of publications. Of the benefits – the opportunity quickly increase coverage, get new subscribers and get into the TOP publications. Of the disadvantages – due to increased activity on page, Instagram regards Like Time as spam and cheating.

Together with like time, they exchange comments. So In this way, you can avoid the shadow ban or block on actions. When participating, you need to consider the limits on likes – the maximum number in one hour is equal to 100 likes.

When they spend Like Time:

  • if the number of subscribers has reached the mark of 3000-5000;
  • when coverage has dropped in Statistics or low activity in profile
  • need to find a potential audience and attract new subscribers.

In addition to likes, the page owner receives an audience. If profile interested – another user will subscribe.

How to spend Like-time

One of the requirements is account preparation and a live audience. Then there are those regular followers who regularly comment posts.

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Instructions for creating Like Time in the Stream:

  1. Prepare a page: delete unnecessary posts or archive inappropriate style.
  2. Make a publication: picture and description.
  3. Indicate the rules in the caption for the photograph.
  4. Expect first comments.
  5. Follow the rules and order in the comments.
  6. Delete publication or clear description after 24 hours.

Like time can be: permanent or temporary. Not recommended spend more than twice a week. Activity is also taken into account. Audiences: Better to spend on Wednesday or Tuesday when users Instagram is more active.

How to achieve maximum efficiency

Examining what Instagram like time is is a means advancement from which there should be a arrival of subscribers. Estimate the effectiveness of the Like-time spent will help the section: “Statistics” under publication.

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How to make like time more interesting:

  • use an enticing image. The picture is placed inscription: “Like-time”;
  • rules in the description. You can invent your own or use standard;
  • reply to first comments. Five comments can mark with your answers and reviews;
  • set hashtags. But you cannot use the forbidden list: likeforlike, like4like and others.

When adding a description, it is advisable to hide the inscription “Like Time”, so how possible blocking by the social network. More often they write unusual font or add to the inscription non-standard characters.

Under the record, you need to monitor the implementation, checking at least execution of the first few. That is, the page owner must go to the publication and see if marks from a certain person. To do this, just subscribe and go in the first posts. An inscription will appear: “I liked one to your friend. ”

Terms and conditions

The standard rules for Like Time are based only on the exchange. marks: “I like” between the participants. Also, there are conditions where the first signer likes the page owner.

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Rules for conducting Like-time:

  1. Go to comments on the game publication.
  2. Leave a comment: “Participate” and indicate number of likes.
  3. Wait for an answer – put the “hearts”.
  4. Write: “Done.”

Rules are checked by the owner of the page. Any unsubscribed in the comments may attract the attention of the author if any of the rules have been violated.

Non-standard Like time is held with the owner of the page. is he also leaves reviews and “hearts” on the records of others users. For example, these are the first five to ten commenters, who wrote in one hour.

Like time on Instagram – the ability to increase activity on page, get more comments and Like. Besides creating a game with subscribers, you can run Like-Time among other bloggers. There are Chats for this. activity “and large-scale games among major blogs and communities.

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