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Instagram post about spring is a hot topic to dilute The tape will make the visual more interesting. To such publication more often add bright and sunny photos: landscapes, personal shots, city ​​views.

Post options for spring and design

Browsing the hashtag # spring, Featured will face a variety of publications: starting from jokes and ending the photo with the first colors. The hashtag is also used for promotion, excluding posted content.

What may be spring publications:

  • one photo. Shot in the afternoon, against a bright sky.
  • carousel. Video and photo from outdoor recreation.
  • video. Shooting urban view with melted snow and green by the trees.

There are many options for creating a beautiful and interesting publication. TO for example, bloggers use processing in VSCO with customization saturation and hue. This way you can improve the picture, make it brighter.

Instagram spring posts exampleInstagram spring posts example

Signature is equally important: a text about happiness, love, travel, funny stories. Less likely to be sad, which may be associated with cooling, domestic problems.

About happiness

Interesting signatures are suitable for spring publications:

  • “Spring is the time of the revival of all living things that fell into a dream in winter. ”
  • “Make plans for the year in the spring, and plans for the day in the morning.”
  • “The expectation of spring is like the expectation of paradise.”

Aphorisms can be a great addition to colorful image or title for publications.

Rules for writing posts for Instagram:

  • relevance of the topic. Subscribers will be interested to know what they did not know before;
  • paragraph layout applications will make text more harmonious;
  • Lists can be made using emoticons: dots or dashes;
  • Hashtags must match the subject of the post.

Video on Instagram about springVideo on Instagram about spring

If this is a topic about spring and happiness, then the tags should be appropriate. Otherwise, when searching for interesting posts, readers will not will even reach the middle of the text.

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Nice visual design will help to create an application SnapSeed It is open editing curves and individual tones. For spring shots you need green, blue and yellow shades.

Photo Ideas:

  • family shot. Pictures of children and parents, bright children’s platforms;
  • nature and landscapes. Greened fields, flowers and trees;
  • paired photos. For lovers, with sakura or field herbs.

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To create a picture you need to choose the right lighting and location. Also, in the text it is worth using emoticons, and on photos – stickers on the topic.

About love

Spring is the time for falling in love and hobbies. Users can decorate the Ribbon with interesting photographs with a second half, write a short text about the love of nature or loved ones.

Publications about love can be:

  • Creative ideas made using Photoshop or Pics Art. Levitating objects, unusual stickers with space;
  • delicate photos using pink or filters
  • joint outdoor recreation.

An example of spring photography on InstagramAn example of spring photography on Instagram

Of the signatures, the original expressions of great people or funny short love quotes:

“When someone sinks into our soul, he stays there forever and ever”.

“Love is like the wind: you feel it, but you don’t see it.”

“Love – when someone helped you get yourself back.”

Add a pink filter or make a picture more colorful will help standard Instagram filters. When posting, you need to go to section: “Edit” and select a filter. Shades are also available. which can be used to take a picture.


Sad or depressing publications are less common. More often it either a photo without color (black and white) or not containing much bright elements. Such publications contain a couple of phrases, minimum design and emoticons.

What can be sad publications about spring:

  • with music. Instagram blocks copyright music, but you can use tracks without AP, learn how to get around copyright to music;
  • with black and white filter. In the settings of the social network, you can select the type of filter used;
  • with one subject, personal photo.

Black and white filters are used as decoration whitening or with reduced shadows. Similar settings are available. in VSCO and LightRoom with presses (predefined add-ons).


Funny and funny publications are faster in the Popular. it there may be pictures with animals, humorous pictures, and even Original retouched selfies.

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Such a post about spring for girls is best done taking into account latest trends and news. For example, take the latest news and rephrase the headline.

What ideas are right:

  • with PicsArt you can add large trees and flowers, edit the background, insert stickers with balls;
  • Pets. Walks and funny stories that happened to a pet;
  • stories about children. The first acquaintance with springtime, walks in the open air;
  • relationship stories. Funny and funny posts containing useful tips.

Funny spring posts on InstagramFunny spring posts on Instagram

Processing can be any: starting from full editing with replacing the background and surrounding objects, ending with simple filters or without them.

Also, spring is a period of new trends and interesting topics among bloggers. In the spring of 2019, the theme of “puppetry” is popular style ”, which will appeal to girls. To find related entries, you must enter the hashtag: “bratz fashion ”.

Spring pictures in the post

To make a picture brighter and more interesting for visitors, it’s worth pay attention to such applications: Pisc Art and VSCO.

With their help, you can:

  • blur the background and highlight the person in the photo;
  • add makeup, edit the oval of the face;
  • replace the background with a sticker or stock image;
  • change the color of the picture or whiten;
  • add filters or change the curve settings.

Juicy and rich tones are recommended, but they may not work. For Ribbons in the same style. For users who create thematic page, a small correction is suitable taking into account main shade in the profile.

Spring Photography on InstagramSpring Photography on Instagram

Post about spring on Instagram – an option on how to make publications more interesting and not to let visitors get bored. Also, when processing you can turn on the camera and share your secrets with subscribers editing. Such posts will become popular, and spring signatures only complement the finished content.

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