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There are many development services for instagramers now. Instagram account providing different tools: analytics, statistics, postponed posting and promotion using massfollowing or massliking. The only inconvenient thing is that sites are all these are different, you have to pay for access in each and switch to work process, changing interfaces. But there is a service that I put together in all of the above tools for working on Instagram convenient and in the same platform – this is GoodLike.

Goodlife: one subscription – all features

Now in Goodlayk you can:

Goodlife for Instagram– attract subscribers with mass lashing, which works stably and efficiently; – use targeting or recommended tasks for likes; – enable optimization for massliking so as not to work idle; – plan posts and Instagram stories ahead; – use search and repost in the publication planner (UGC-marketing); – Focus on account analytics – read all comments on posts in tape format; – chat with a friendly customer service in the chat service.

Let’s take a look at all the tools individually over in detail.

Boost is a great tool for mass lashing

Boost is the most popular service tool, it helps Attract subscribers and customers. In essence, this is mass-linking, but very advanced. It works stably, it can set up to 1000-1100 likes per day (the number of likes can be reduced if necessary by start), it’s like everyone else, but the efficiency due to optimization is higher, and the presence of recommended tasks for work significantly saves time.

It should be noted that GoodLike Boost, unlike many others services works correctly with mass-scaling for all accounts, there are no problems or interruptions in work. And, most importantly, You can set the number of likes for one user. That’s mine favorite setting in the services, because the more likes you person bet, the more likely it is to log into your account. At many can’t do this.


You can take the audience for likes from other accounts, by hashtags and geo, and very good targeting is implemented in Goodlake, even almost automatic. Boost selects the most effective sources of those that you specified, it periodically tests your settings targeting for a better result and also offers you similar sources that may come in handy, beauty!

Goodlayk boost masslashing

Traffic optimization is an incredibly important feature that Allows you to increase the conversion of all users. The fact is that many users just forget to keep track of tasks and efficiency, working with tasks with low efficiency. Now Goodlife can automatically switch and search for tasks with high efficiency and not work with others. You can set your own the bar, the average service 5%, according to customer support.

Optimization in Boost

Here is the real task list screen for the Architectural Bureau from SPb.

Tasks in Goodlife

Filtering works fine. Filters filter out spam, bots and non-European communities, the results are visible in the lists filtered users.

Publication planner

Goodlayk’s publication planner is very convenient. Can Schedule regular posts, galleries, and even stories. there is the ability to save publications to the cloud if you are not going to plan their posting on Instagram. You can add the original signature for each post, there are emoticons.

The interface of the publication planner on Instagram Goodlayk on @thefilmshot account example:

Auto-posting on Instagram in Goodlayk

Search and repost works: these functions are needed for those pages who work with user posts in their account in the format UGC. In general, auto-posting is thought out to the smallest detail, nice! Try yourself!

Account Section

Here you can watch your feed, study subscribers, but the most important thing is to track comments. Very easy to chat with people to answer their questions directly from the computer. You will not miss not a single appeal.

Tracking comments on Instagram


Simple analytics displays visual data on graphs and in tables. You can analyze the results of the promotion in Boost, their subscribers and even their publications.

Instagram analytics in Goodlayk

In audience analysis, you can see reciprocal subscriptions, for example, who you are following, but who are not following you. There is also interesting graphs of the distribution of posts and comments in time.

statistics on comments in Goodlayk

Benefits of working with the GoodLike service

– convenient mass-linking (easy setup, excellent targeting, good filters against bots, the ability to choose the number of likes per person); – a beautiful and convenient post planner with the ability to post stories; – simple and intuitive interface; – the ability to add assistants (work on the account more than one); – safe – compliance with Instagram limits (young account service is not will promote); – the ability to do reposts; – Support service always in touch; – and the most important, fat plus – all this in one spot!

To summarize, I want to say that I really liked the service, especially mass lashing and publication planner. And the fact that it’s all in one place and at a single rate, makes Goodlayk still more attractive. The service is designed for various tasks with promoting an account on Instagram, but best of all is GoodLike for bloggers and business with quality accounts with interesting and beautiful content.

You can try the service for free for 3 days.

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