How does the ranking mechanism work in Instagram


This question is classified as “secret.” Instagram Representatives will never reveal their ranking algorithm tapes, however many users experiment and base their assumptions on what principle posts in Instagram is shown to people, because it’s not just about likes and comments, the mechanism is not as simple as it seems.

I conducted a small survey among my subscribers, myself observed and came to the following conclusions.

10 feed ranking factors on Instagram (which takes into account application when it shows you your friend):

How Instagram feed is ranked1. Do you make friends with user in other social. networks, especially on Facebook (this fair if you linked your Instagram account to accounts other social networks).

2. If you have this person in your address book in the phone.

3. How close it is to you. By location posts from where posts from your city or another.

4. Your likes, views, comments, save posts his.

5. Your likes, views, comments, saving publications of it subscriptions and subscribers, those to whom he himself is active: puts hearts, leaves comments, etc.

6. Your visits to the user in the profile (very much are taken into account – then these people are more often shown to you on the tab recommendations if you are not subscribed to them).

7. Does the user communicate with you: posts will come first from those who themselves write comments and like you.

8. If a person just subscribed to you, your posts will be to him appear more often.

9. Do you visit Instagram for the first time in a day (some time) or update the tape with pens.

10. Time for publication.

How exactly these factors are taken into account, no one is 100% to you will say. But what they count is for sure!

And one more observation for bloggers:

Not a fact, if you write more often, then the tape will be you more often show! I have people who write one post per week, but they always show me in the first place.

Do your experiments! Results I will always be glad see under this note.

James Walls

Social Media Specialist & Influencer.

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