How many likes per day can be put in Instagram


How many likes a day you can put on Instagram

Updated – January 21, 2020

Users who do mass-sharing should remember how many likes per day you can put on Instagram.

If you ignore the limits on likes, then the account will quickly get under the shadow ban.

In 2020, the limits on Instagram have changed more than once, so pay attention to the latest release.

How many likes a day you can put on Instagram

For accurate data on the limits, I conducted an independent experiment.

Since the Internet is full of irrelevant information on limits, I I decided to personally check how many likes can be put without harm to the account (first experiment – how much per day you can subscribe).

The experiment involved 4 accounts: new, 3-month, 6-месячный и старый (>3,5 лет).

I have compiled a table and a list of recommendations for you.

instagram how many likes a dayinstagram how many likes a day

  • In the table, you can see the lower and upper values ​​by limits, below I wrote why they are needed.

All actions are included in the limits (it doesn’t matter whether you set or remove Like). For example, a new account can deliver 400 likes a day and remove 150 (or put 550 likes, but do not remove them that day costs – there will be an excess).


New account.

A new account is best started by adding a few publications (photo or video) and avatars.

In the first hour you can put 15 likes. But a day no more 450.

And in the following days you can safely put up to 25 likes in an hour and no more than 550 per day.

The main thing is not to get out of the limit. Moreover, the limit includes likes, which you put and put away.

3 month account.

You can put up to 40 likes per hour, but no more. A day is better Do not put more than 800 likes.

6 month old accounts.

Old accounts can be safely set to 50 likes per hour and up to 1200 per day.

But, if you are simultaneously engaged in mass follow or other cheat (like time), then you should reduce the limit of likes to lower values ​​(see table). For example, a new account per hour can put 15 likes, per day 450.

If you comply with these limits and recommendations, you can avoid account blocking.

If you don’t want to spend your time massaging, then I recommend to wind up likes on Instagram, using special services.

So you get likes from interested users without your participation in the work.

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Video lesson on the topic: how many likes a day can put on Instagram.

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