How many times to post on Instagram?


✅ My principle is less is better, but better. If possible make one cool post instead of 3 so-so, it’s better to make one steep. Subscribers at least read it, and do not leaf through.

✅ Forget about the weird 3 post per day rule. Who his did you come up with? Only you decide how many times a day write on Instagram (how to solve: see statistics, analyze the blog itself, its topic, competitors, behavior subscribers and other factors).

✅ Do not forget about the goals, what you achieve: great coverage, Often flickering in the tape, waiting for your posts? It is also necessary consider.

✅ Remember that a large number of posts does not affect reach – only to impressions. Well, as a rule.

✅ And, most importantly, there is no universal rule for all blogs and working forever. Think, analyze, experiment and don’t be careful not to change – our time requires it.

James Walls

Social Media Specialist & Influencer.

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