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For almost a year, the shadow ban on Instagram was considered a “myth” and a theory, which is destined to become true. Block certain requests, hashtags and individual profiles in 2019 affected owners large pages, blogs and stores.

What is a shadow ban

Hidden ban on Instagram – restrict user actions on promotion of publications. For example, by placing another picture or video, the owner of the page will not be able to find by hashtag. Sanctions affect for coverage, the number of possible subscribers, likes.

Reasons why an account may fall into a shadow ban:

  • list of blocked hashtags. Queries that are already out continuous ranking, fall into “Prohibited”;
  • cheat and increase activity artificially. If the page owner too often leaves comments and puts likes to other bloggers – his account may fall into the shadow ban;
  • profile often complain. Content not responding Instagram rules or causes users to be negative reaction;
  • limits are exceeded. If more than a thousand have signed up within an hour man – probably they were cheated.

You can check using the Triberr service, ask unsigned friends see hashtag post or do it is on its own. Limitations Can Affect Popularity post, cause “removal of subscribers.”

You cannot subscribe to a user under a “shadow ban.” On the an error message will appear on the screen: “Try again later.” But such the same problem, if the subscriber himself was under the ban.

How to understand that a shadow ban is imposed?

The task of Shadow Ban (translation: Shadow Ban) is to not give one or several publications go to the “Recommended” and get views.

The official community notes that under sanctions most often Users who:

  • Spamming or abusive comments
  • used cheat on likes and subscribers;
  • posted all publications using auto-posting.

The last item rarely causes a ban, but is also included for reasons. You can understand and verify your account in this way:

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  1. Post a photo and video – specify standard hashtags, which are used by the owner of the profile.
  2. Ask friends who are not signed – check the post by hashtag in recommended. Shadow ban Instagram exampleShadow ban Instagram example
  3. If one or more posts are missing, then it works shadow ban.

For owners of large communities, verification is not difficult: analyze the number of likes and comments in comparison with previous posts.

Another option how to check the shadow ban on Instagram is Take advantage of the free Triberr service.


  1. Go to the site – enter your nickname in the appropriate string. Service Tribber InstagramService Tribber Instagram
  2. Wait for the system to analyze the last 10 posts. Analysis of the last ten posts on Triberr InstagramAnalysis of the last ten posts on Triberr Instagram
  3. Scroll through the list, check the hashtags under the lock.

Free only the first test and is designed for ten recent publications. This works with recently published photos and videos. More difficult with the requests specified in profile description.

Such tags are checked independently by going to the line “Search” and the desired query. If the information appeared – it means he was not blocked.

You need to pay attention to the number of publications that posted under this tag: popular gaining up to 4-8 million mentions.

What to do in case of a shadow ban on Instagram:

  • Leave all automatic wrapping services;
  • wait “broken” from the system;
  • Contact Instagram Technical Support
  • return from a business profile to a personal one.

Recommendations are offered from official technical support. The administration does not deny the fact of Shadow Ban, but also does not give clear explanations about this. Get an answer about the reason for blocking can only be in tech support or take measures precautions.

How long can a shadow ban last

To get rid of the lock, you need to stop activity on first time. To remove a shadow ban without consequences for statistics is not will work out. Support indicates two terms that are designed for sanctions: 48 hours and 14 days.

In the first case, the blocking concerns excessive activity user: likes, subscription and comments are not available. In the second – shadow ban: entries do not appear in the recommended, they can not be found by hashtag.

The term of the shadow ban also depends on the user’s actions: did he further use the same hashtags and promotion methods, autoposting and other systems.

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The exact time how long the shadow ban on Instagram lasts for there is no specific page. Notifications and Alerts does not come to users, which means that the period can be calculated based on IDoT metric (Instagram Degree of Trust).

Ban Exit Methods

The indicator of “trust” of the official community in the profile can be calculate using IDoT. The end result will not be accurate, but shows what errors can be avoided and how to get out of the shadow ban on Instagram.

The following pages will have a high score:

  • created over a year ago;
  • the number of subscribers from 100,000;
  • more than five comments under each post;
  • there are no complaints from other users;
  • no automatic posting and spam. Shadow ban on InstagramShadow ban on Instagram

Affects the number of followers added in recent 24 hours – no more than 100. Index for the page, which fell under the shadow ban – 0-3, when locked, the indicator zeroed out. If the owner has not violated any of these rules – you can still restore activity on the page.

Recommendations on how to remove the shadow ban on Instagram:

  • Do not use hashtags within 14 days;
  • refuse automatic posting services and wrapping up;
  • do not post new publications within 48 hours;
  • like and comment only a limited number subscribers.

The shadow ban on Instagram can be removed if the owner of the profile stopped using high-frequency hashtags and other means advancement.

With repeated errors – the account is completely blocked. In such In case you need to create a new account, but pay attention on limits that apply to newly created accounts.

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