How not to miss a single post from interesting person on Instagram


If you subscribe to a very large number of people, you can’t Every day, view your feed, but skip the most posts you don’t want interesting people, there is a way out! Recently in Instagram can receive notifications about the publication of a certain The user you are reading. It’s very easy to set up, being directly in your insta-feed or profile pet. This setting will allow you not to go often to Follower page in search of new photos.

To get started, you must be following Instagram on a person, Notifications about the posts you wish to receive. Then necessary go to any image or video and find it under publication special menu icon in the form of three dots.

How to subscribe to notifications from a person

By clicking on it, select “enable notifications about publications. “Here you can copy the link to the post to further transfer it to a friend, paste it into the browser, etc., or complain about a photo or video if it affects your interests or is prohibited.

Enable Instagram Post Notification

If everything worked out, the corresponding inscription will appear.

Publication Notices Included

Now you will find out about a new photo or video of a person on Actions tab. If you have push notifications enabled, they too will come.


But at any time you can disable it in the same menu under any photo of your follower.

Disable publication notifications

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