How to add a post to Instagram


An Instagram post is a photo or video from commentary, which may, by the way, not be. That is, to make a post in this social. network, you will definitely need to lay out any picture (or photo) or video clip and add by desire any description. By the way, on your opus you can mark friends, make it private (visible only to some users or one), and also send it immediately to Twitter, Facebook or Vkontakte.

Making or choosing the right photo or video

So, first of all, select photos or videos in your gallery and We send it to Instagram.

How to record on Instagram

You can take a photo instantly, as well as take a video. For this There is a blue button in the middle.

How to record on Instagram

Instagram camera shoots right away in a square view, crop Further it will not be necessary.

How to record on Instagram

By the way, you can choose a photo or video directly on Instagram.

How to record on Instagram

Photo processing before publication

If you selected an image from the phone’s gallery, then for starters crop the photo – bring to standard square mind.

Cropping photos on Instagram

If you want to lay out a regular rectangular picture, you will have to use third-party applications that will add your image has empty areas that can be painted over different colors, most often use white. Examples of such Applications: InstaSquareMaker, No Crop, InstaSize.

Now your photo can be processed, and to do everything with it, whatever your heart desires.

Processing filters on Instagram

In addition to standard filters, the intensity of which can be changed (to do this, click on the filter twice), standard settings of any graphic editor: brightness, contrast and other

Processing filters on Instagram

You can also rotate the picture 90 degrees or just a little a few degrees.

Rotate photos on Instagram

As soon as you decide that you’ve played enough with effects, feel free to click on arrow in the upper right corner. You will proceed to fill descriptions of the record and some other chips.

Direct photo sharing on Instagram

After processing the photo, add (optionally) a description to your records. It’s still not known exactly how many characters can be used in the text box, however people managed to write and opuses of 2 thousand characters. Many users like to dilute their posts with different emoticons, for this, however, have install on your phone a special keyboard called Emoji.

Add a post to Instagram

If your publication contains friends who are in Instagram, you can mark them. You can also publish add the place in which it is made (for this there is an item “add to photo card”). You can also send your photo direct, i.e. only one person or small group instagramlers (to do this, go to the DIRECT tab and select desired recipients).

Direct on Instagram

Recording can be automatically posted to other social. network for example, on Vkontakte, on Twitter or Facebook. To do this, do the corresponding buttons are active and log in.

How to record on Instagram

After completing all the necessary settings, click on the checkmark – your an Instagram post will appear in the feed of your followers or will be sent by direct (if you selected this item).

Video processing and publishing

Before publishing, you need to shorten the video, or rather “shove” it into duration from 3 to 15 seconds, otherwise the application itself will choose that a piece that he will “like”. If you shot directly from the camera in Instagram, this is not necessary.

Trimming videos on Instagram

By the way, as with the photos, you can put in the tape and video rectangular, there are special applications for this, e.g. InstaVideo or InstaShot.

Videos can be processed with filters, but their intensity cannot be regulated.

Video processing on Instagram

It is possible to select the first frame to be displayed in the feed of your friends.

Video processing on Instagram

After applying the effect to the video, just like the photos, you need to add a description, you can mark friends or send it direct. There is the possibility of sending to other social services. network.

Video processing on Instagram

More detailed image processing guidelines and You can find videos for Instagram in the “How to use Instagram “on our site.

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