How to add a publication to the story in Instagram


How to add a post to the story on Instagram

Updated – October 18, 2019

If you liked the photo or video, you can add the publication to Instagram story.

You can share the publication in the story if the account The author is publicly available and repost allowed.

How to add a post to a story on Instagram

  1. We find the publication you like (our or someone else’s).
  2. Под публикацией касаемся How to add a publication to the story in Instagram.
  3. We touch the button “Add publication to your story.”
  • If there is no button, this means that the user has disabled repost to other stories, or the account is closed (more details below);
  • Here you can forward the publication by message.
  1. We publish in your story:
  • To change the appearance of the post – tap it;
  • Publication can be moved, reduced / increased, and to turn.
  1. Supplement the story with effects, if necessary (more in the article: creating stories on Instagram).
  2. We select the recipient and share the story.
  • If you open a story and touch the post, you can see publication in the user profile;
  • The user will not receive a notification that you have added it post to your story.

When to share a story in a story will it work out?

Of course, putting the publication in the story will not work if user private profile. The solution is obvious: he needs to open profile.

Also, publication in the story will fail if the user banned repost in history.

In the privacy settings, the “History” section, there is an item “Allow repost in history.”

Если галочка снята How to add a publication to the story in Instagram, то другие пользователи не смогут добавлять публикации вtheir stories.

By the way, you can repost Instagram posts on your feed or story repost (see article).

Video lesson on how to add a publication to a story in Instagram.

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