How to add MUSIC to Instagram History in the photo and video


Instagram launched the long-awaited update – official music on photos and videos on Instagram Stories! As always with new chips – It will not be immediately and not at all. You need to look for music in stickers, so if you don’t have it yet, turn on the Hachiko or Zhduna mode, who you like it better.

How to add MUSIC on Instagram History

add music to photos and videos on Instagram Stories Android

  1. Open the Instagram Instagram camera. If you have an iPhone, then music can be selected immediately, under the record button there is a “Music” mode. You can select any part of the song. If Android – first remove History (photo or video).
  2. Click on the Sticker button sticker on Instagram Storis
  3. Выберите стикер “Музыка”music instagram story sticker. You can find a specific a song, or select by genre / mood / from a popular one. Can listen to the song and rewind to the desired passage before add music to Istagram History.
  4. When subscribers will watch your Instagram Story with music, they will see a sticker with the name of the song.

add music to Instagram History iPhone on photos and videos

Now sticker “Music” for photos and videos on Instagram Stories Available in 51 countries, including Russia. Those with whom he has already appeared complain that the choice is still small – a lot of chanson and no rap. But Officially, Instagram says the music library is growing. Perhaps the social network wants to increase the audience of truckers.

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