How to become a blogger on Instagram and earn money money?


Instagram bloggers love and hate. Inspired by or advised to get down to business and go to work already at the factory. Not less impression that everyone wants to become a blogger on Instagram second teenager. Even “adults” become popular bloggers, including those who were not known outside of Instagram, and collect millions of subscribers.

And the thing is not only that everyone wants to become stars. Bloggers make money people with “real” jobs can just to dream. In fact, a blogger is in one person and Olga Buzova (still filming in Dom2), and the journalist and TV presenter, and photo editor and project manager. But the ceiling for money, as with office work, no. Therefore, when one blogger on Instagram says that he earns enough so that nowhere else work, and the second writes with a view to the year – “increase income to 1 million rubles per month “, then this cannot but arouse the desire to quit everything and also sign up for installer.

The article turned out to be quite detailed, but its reading time 12-15 minutes. We have gathered information on what it takes to become blogger on Instagram. Webinars and courses often last at least an hour, saving time is obvious. And if you want to read more about specific topic, click on the desired line in the content below.


How to become a blogger on Instagram?

  • where to begin
  • processing photos in a single style
  • catchy texts
  • stories that do not scroll

? Where to get followers for novice bloggers at Instagram?

? free promotion? paid promotion

How to make money for bloggers?

  • blog advertising
  • business on Instagram
  • info business

How to become bloggers on Instagram

How to become a blogger on Instagram

A blog on Instagram is a job if you want on it earn. Yes, to become a blogger is enough register an account and post posts. But without the living subscribers, an active interested audience, you earn you can’t do anything. At the same time, blogging is creativity. Impossible engage in it, if not “burn”, dryly do “useful posts” and hope for returns. People feel your energy (or its absence) even through the screen.

Where to start blogging?

What will your blog be about? Why should people subscribe to it? Write down what you are interested in, what you can talk about. At first it may be one thing, but over time there will be several by that. It’s even useful to periodically change, grow and develop them along with subscribers to not get bored. Popular bloggers often go on their own personality, and not just on one topic. And your the task is to fully reveal this personality with the help of a photo, videos, texts and Instagram Stories.

Newcomers with a limited budget to promote will help massfollowing (? instruction) – it works better for personal blogs, while it’s better for shops to buy targeted advertising. And the new mass-hunting feature (viewing Storis) is effective for any accounts.

To understand the effectiveness of advertising – make statistics for account (business account or author account).

how to become a blogger - where to start how to become a novice blogger

Come up with an interesting profile header and just start writing and take a photo! That’s how they become bloggers.

At different times, topics were popular:

  • Healthy lifestyle / fitness
  • beauty (cosmetics, personal care)
  • relations
  • self development
  • motherhood / family
  • Instagram promotion
  • business
  • travels
  • life style
  • feminism / social issues
  • jokes / funny videos (like Samburskaya, Ivleeva, Irina Gorbachev)

A blogger is primarily a journalist who talks about his of life. What is interesting about her? City, study, work, relationships, friends, hobbies – all this can become a source of inspiration. To people it may be interesting what is happening in your life. But even sitting You can make interesting content at home – especially if you are doing something passionate about. Look at the accounts of your favorite bloggers – what are they talking about tell in posts and stories?

Come up with rubrics. These are topics recurring in your blog regularly. And it’s not necessary to voice them in style “And now the column is such and such.” A separate heading may be study, work, even some people in your life (for example, if you talk about relationships with someone). You don’t have to be an expert. – learn to sing, dance, speak English without accent – with subscribers!

Viral content. Hype. Keep track of others popular bloggers. If you notice a trend, think about how use this on your blog. Photo before / after, masks, storytelling, 10yearschallenge, memoji (emoji of your face), etc. Not copy and take the idea that is gaining popularity and apply it to on your blog. Viral content is good because it starts to be shared with friends, he appears in recommended. Therefore always watch for what is happening around you on Instagram, do not go in cycles only on yourself.

how popular bloggers became popular how to become a popular blogger

Over time, the audience will get used to you, you will not just become a blogger about cosmetics / fitness / self-education, etc., but almost family member. And even your “boring” stories in the key “got up / washed / had breakfast” subscribers will be interested to watch. But to such a level you need to grow. Example – Bloggers Starting As Viners (Ivleeva, Samburskaya, Misskogut). Now they have enough many posts and stories are just “out of life”, but nonetheless, people are still still signed and they are interested.

If nothing happens in your life, you are nothing Are interested, don’t look or read anything, don’t go anywhere and do not communicate with anyone – it is better not to become a blogger in Instagram.

Processing photos for a blog on Instagram

Previously, the photos were all “licked”, but now with scuffed / faded. Subscribe to trending bloggers and you see when the new mod comes.

? Poster (application for quickly creating beautiful covers posts and Storis)

? VSCO (color grading application)

? More photo and video processing apps

Do I need a professional camera?

For good photos, you don’t have to buy an expensive professional the camera. Many successful bloggers shoot on the phone, process also on the phone. Practice is the most important creation tool beautiful photos. You can copy others while you are typing your hand. With time will appear your style.

how to become a successful blogger How to Become a Successful Instagram Blogger

Instagram photo style

The most popular way to process photos is in the same style. At this does not need all the photos to be the same colors, on a white background etc. The main thing is the same style, mood, and “atmosphere”. Those. either all photos are pastel shades, or contrasting, etc. Try not to make your tape boring. Alternate selfies and Flat shots, show yourself and what surrounds you – nature, architecture, interiors.

Shooting at home and outdoors, at work and on vacation (cafes / exhibitions and etc.). Yes, according to statistics, photos with you, especially selfies, get most likes. But your goal is not just likes, but engagement (likes + comments + save). Therefore if you you know that some topics of posts are gaining more from you comments, then use a photo for them without yourself. So your tape It will be a contrast, not just a collection of identical selfies.

What photos immediately send to the basket? Filmed in the dark on ugly background, with strong noises.

Programs for planning a unified style in Instagram:

  • Preview
  • Plann
  • Content office
  • Feed master
  • Planoly
  • Garny
  • UNUM
  • Snug

To see how the photos will look all together in your Instagram account, you can pre-do the matrix in one of these applications.

It’s also very convenient to schedule a feed using services postponed posting via computer. With their help you are not only You will see how your tape will look, but you can simultaneously schedule the publication of each photo / video with computer and add text posts.

How to write texts for posts on Instagram

Where to get blog topics?

Not sure what to write about? Follow the news, react. Can even just speculate on a topic, it is not necessary to retell word for word news. You can respond to social topics, professional news (for example, if you are a future doctor – then on medical news), discuss the stars. What is most interesting to you – about that news and write.

It is interesting to everyone – films and series, music. Even the theme of your blog is far from these topics, try to dilute your content is ordinary life. If your makeup / style blog is very topic to discuss the work of makeup artist and stylist in the film.

How to write texts for posts on Instagram

Emote subscribers

Texts can be not only “useful”. On the contrary, you need alternate information posts and entertaining, emotional. You can discuss with your subscribers any event that happened to you. or something you learned from the news. The main thing is to evoke emotions: empathy, joy, annoyance, etc. Negative emotions can to be directed not at you as a storyteller, but at a situation in whole. Yes, and exclusively “vanilla” blogs cause the reader boredom, and the author – burnout.

Most emotions and comments provoke topics in which all at least a little consider themselves experts. Relationship, family, medicine and health, politics and religion, etc. Do not be afraid to express his opinion – yes, there will be many haters and rotten tomatoes. But those whoever agrees with you will feel a great deal closer to you and will become the very “loyal audience” that they value so much advertisers.

Get rid of moralizing and “book” style

Excellent students and good guys stay in the head for a long time phrases “like from a textbook”. And even the Threes have a couple in stock hackneyed phrases like “it’s no secret to anyone that—”, “sometimes arises necessity— “. All this rubbish will certainly be in your drafts, but get rid of it when editing.

How? Do not generalize, but give specific examples from life – even a story from my mother’s girlfriend’s son will do. The main thing – living heroes, not the meaningful “all” or “many.” Verb burn hearts – for example, instead of “done” write “I did. ”

Morals in the style of “just take it and do it”, “love yourself” – meaning nothing unless you reinforce your motivational speech real examples. What exactly needs to be done every day to finally “love yourself”?

Do not be afraid to express your personal opinion. Yes of course in comments will appear those who consider your opinion incorrect and will learn to live. But your task is to tell YOURSELF in YOUR blog, and not like everyone. Better to hook less people than no one remembers anything.

To ask for likes or not?

Many subscribers do not like this. But the fact is that if ask – then there will be more likes. Decide how to do it. unobtrusively. No blackmail like “who doesn’t like me, wake up with a pimple on his forehead. ”

Instagram makes money on advertising, so it develops the impression that specifically puts popular bloggers in such conditions for them to increase activity in their accounts. More user activity makes Instagram more attractive platform for the purchase of advertising. Therefore, you will either have to play rules, or look for another site for the blog.

Do I have to do long posts?

Each post does not have to be a sheet of text. Sometimes all the attention in the photo, and emotions are also transmitted by this photo. Someone from bloggers are more talented in photos, someone in texts, someone fiery sense of humor and vine. See what subscribers will appreciate and Do not be afraid to do something wrong and not according to the pattern.

They earn on Instagram those bloggers who were able to stand out with something. And even though long posts are very popular now – this is optional condition for popularity.

Instagram Stories for Bloggers

Instagram Stories that are not scroll through

Hashtags and geotags

Hashtags and geotags can give 100-1000 views. Video more than the photo. For beginner bloggers – this is already good. Stay tuned for popular challenges and themes. For instance, # 10yearchallenge, #mask instagram.

Weekday storytelling

Bloggers on Instagram are now very popular with Storerating. You make a series out of your life, tell “stories” with continuation. Today you went to study as a makeup artist, here you are you buy the necessary materials, here you are practicing, and after some time already working with photographers. For the reader you become friend. He is interested in watching your everyday life even if nothing nothing special happens. And any recommendation (read – advertising) from a friend is trusted much more. But it’s very important not to abuse it, advertising everything. Losing a reputation much faster than make money.

Change Blog Theme

It is thanks to the feeling that the blogger is your friend, people remain subscribers, even if they are not particularly interested in the topic (one from topics) of your blog. And there’s nothing wrong with time to change these topics, especially if your own interests have changed. Do not try to forcefully write on the same subject, because subscribers associate you with her. Can gradually talk about new hobbies and “infect” them subscribers. And the easiest way to do this is through Stories, where you share your daily life.

how to become bloggers - Instagram story How to become a blogger - Instagram story

Interactive Instagram Stories

Stories often have even more coverage than posts. Add feedback methods to them – polls and questions. Ask subscribers to advise something – if a person writes you in Direct, then more likely to become higher in his stream. Interactive Stories where you ask questions, subscribers answer, you react to their answers (upload screenshots of Yandex.Direct or survey results in History) is another way to “make friends” with audience and get closer.

Change angles

Stories are a clip format. To keep interest and attention, change the picture. First take off yourself (“talking head”), then what you see in front of you, then shoot some object large. For example: “I’m going to do day makeup “(1),” here is my makeup kit “(2),” here is my favorite concealer “(3). And so on. This is not a universal formula for absolutely all stories. This is a template to get you started. make videos to watch instead of a dozen stories “talking head” in a row. Of course, if you say something very interesting, then they will search you anyway. But your usual everyday life need to shoot with a change of plans to create a “three-dimensional” picture.

Live followers for bloggers on Instagram

No matter how cool your blog is, subscribers themselves are not will appear. There are free promotion methods that you will need combine with paid. Before you start making money on your own blog, you will need to invest in it not only your efforts, but also money. The time when bloggers on Instagram spun themselves by yourself, due to interesting content, it has passed. But then the competition it’s only tougher, and promotion is more expensive. Therefore the best time become a blogger on Instagram – now!

Free promotion

  • sfs / networking
  • comments from other bloggers
  • hashtags and geotags
  • increase in coverage and falling into the “recommended” – viral / hype content

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Networking with other bloggers on Instagram

Chat and make friends with other bloggers. It’s not only mutual PR (SFS). If you decide to organize a joint course, competition, yes anything – subscribers will be more loyal, because know you both of them. If you have few followers yet, be friends with the same novice bloggers like you.

See what other bloggers are doing. What posts and stories place where they have more likes and comments. Foreign statistics convenient to look through? livedune.

Increase Instagram reach

The more you reach, the more word of mouth and more chances to get into the “recommended”. All this gives an influx of new subscribers for free. Popular methods for increasing coverage bloggers now:

  • liketime (post-liketime commentators like each other),
  • “I will transfer to a card 5000 to one of my 5 posts ”
  • raffle of anything among those who click through the last posts. Good works if you have a lot of subscribers under the age of 20. If the older audience – it annoys her.

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promotion on Instagram for bloggers

  • massfollowing (? pamagram)
  • cheat bots / offers (? bosslike)
  • blogger ads
  • Giveaway / SFS
  • targeted advertising

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To do or not to mass follow and cheat subscribers and likes?

Often, novice bloggers are not taken for advertising more hyped. And subscribers are gaining at a snail’s speed. Works subconscious “no one subscribes to this blogger, probably it’s not interesting here. “And at first it’s almost true – you are still learning make good content – process photos, looking for interesting topics. But often the enthusiasm to post every day is not enough when no one you Doesn’t look or like, and bloggers don’t advertise.

For beginners, especially up to 10,000 subscribers, massfollowing is working way of promotion. With the right settings you can get 1000-3000 live subscribers in depending on the topic of the blog. One of the useful massfollowing functions (even if you already have more than 10,000) – this Like your subscribers. They are pleased to receive attention from you, they will become more loyal – they will often look at the blog, do not miss Stories, more believe advertising. All this will increase coverage.

There is a “gray” method used some popular bloggers now. Initially they cheated Subscribers – from 10,000 to 100,000, as well as likes and reach. They took beautiful photos, “shone” brands and marked them in the photo. They created the illusion that they were collaborating with them. Opened businesses (without making any money on them) and created by all means appearance of success. After they’ve already gained “live” subscribers, on such “untwisted” account. But for such a scheme to work, the photos must be really high quality, and the content as a whole is interesting.

The disadvantage of such a gray scheme is when you start to wind up account, then you have to do this constantly, for each post. What if you bought advertising – the result from it will be weak and the advertiser will not be satisfied. Therefore, we do not recommend doing cheating 100k subscribers. Perhaps the first 10,000 wound “offers” will give you an impetus for development and you will be better taken for advertising.

For young accounts

NEVER cheat / mass follow if registered account less than 3-6 months ago or for a long time it did not at all. Instagram especially carefully monitors blogs created by recently. Increased activity seems suspicious and high. risk of blocking. Give yourself time to swing and learn processing photos, writing texts and communicating with subscribers. You do not have to do posts every day, you can keep an account in relaxed mode.

Some Instagram promoters recommend not using cheat at all. It’s like with illegal drugs in large sports. Yes, in the end it harms health (spoils the “natural” statistics). Yes, there is a risk of getting caught and being excluded from competitions (sent in a shadow ban). But bloggers continue wind up, because everyone does it this way and it is impossible otherwise compete. And advertisers are already used to being overpriced statistics, although they complain that sales are lower expected. It turns out a vicious circle. Decide for yourself do.

Giveaway – a way to kill an account?

The Giveaways are a separate issue. It’s clear if you have very few or even just significantly fewer subscribers than the rest participants of Giveaway, then do not participate. You were called just for extras.

In other cases:

Look very carefully at the organizers and other participants. Best for small bloggers (up to 100k) – Giveaways, where not a lot of participants (10-20), all with about the same audience (for example, sports, beauty, psychology can be together). During Giveway himself regularly do new posts, meet new ones subscribers, until they unsubscribe from you, use all the tricks to the maximum (like posts before / after, polls / questions in stories). Sometimes you need to “get involved” and participate in several Giveaways, so that the person signs up.

Definitely – if more than half will be written off after a givevei, and the rest will not manifest themselves in any way (comments / likes) – then you lose not only merged money, but Instagram can count Your account is not very high quality and send in a shadow ban. But if you participated in a good theme for your blog (for example, you have a “mom’s blog”, other participants from this topics, prize – stroller) and correctly “processed” new subscribers, then many of them will stay with you.

Do starting bloggers target Instagram?

Targeted ads (via Facebook or the app itself Instagram) is traditionally considered to be better suited for stores or professional accounts (lawyer, accountant, marketer and etc.). But no one forbids you to try this promotion method for a personal blog on Instagram.

The benefits of official advertising

  • you clearly control the budget – at least from 100r to infinity
  • you can stop advertising at any time,
  • You can try different photos / videos for advertising and compare more effective
  • all statistics are guaranteed to be transparent and untwisted.
  • you can do targeted advertising both in the feed and in Stories.

The main drawback is that you appear in a person in the feed “out of nowhere”, while advertising with bloggers it usually takes you presents. When something is recommended to us by a person whom we already we know, then there is more confidence in this. Small secret. If you go to a popular blogger in your account Instagram, click the three dots on the right and select “about this account”, then You can see which targeted ads are currently launching. this blogger (and posts, and Storis). So you can keep track of the latest trends in advertising.

how to become a blogger and make money on instagram

How to make money bloggers on Instagram

Blog earning options

  • advertising: in posts, in story
  • info-business (paid courses, webinars)
  • own business (real goods – clothing, cosmetics and etc.)
  • affiliate programs (a person buys something according to your promotional code and you get a percentage)
  • brand ambassador (ongoing collaboration)

The most difficult way to earn money is own business with real goods. This way of earning is not for beginners, as need investments – in goods, warehouse for storage, service delivery etc. And certainly you can’t use borrowed funds (credit) if you have no business experience.

The easiest option for bloggers on Instagram is advertising. They buy it even from very small ones. accounts, microbloggers with 5-10000 subscribers. The main thing is good statistics and engagement. Novice bloggers are loved because there is still little advertising (subscribers are not tired of it), responsible attitude (each advertiser is worth its weight in gold).

The most profitable way to make money for bloggers – info business. Why? For organization courses / webinar almost no investment needed. At the same time, revenue can be very big. And if there are no expenses, then all the revenue becomes a profit.

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In fact, to earn money from bloggers on Instagram even more of opportunities. You can monetize your “stardom” as you like. You can open a business and attract investors, and make subscribers by customers. You can go to show business – singer, actress, presenter.

Do I need a business account?

Almost always yes. He will give you the statistics you show. to advertisers. The same statistics will tell you which post came in. subscribers, and which not. How many people saw the post in the feed, how many by logging into the account and how many by Hashtags or from recommended. how to become a blogger on instagram and make money on it

A selection of utilities for Instagram Bloggers:

Topics for posts:

Spring? Https: //



Summer ? https: //

Free high-quality PHOTOS:

Spring? Https: //


Autumn ?

Summer ? https: //

Flatlay (layout)?

Office, desktop, laptop?


A selection of sites?

Is it too late to become a blogger on Instagram and earn money?

Become a popular Instagram blogger and start making money now harder than last year. And easier than next. It seems that all the niches are occupied, and advertising and promotion are worth a lot of money. But all new bloggers are becoming famous with using Instagram. We unsubscribe from one and subscribe to others.

More advertisers are appearing. Even if someday they close Instagram, with it you will already receive fame and subscribers just go with you to another social network.

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