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Millions of people around the world use Instagram But despite on such a wide coverage, we can clearly say that instagramers – This is a special audience. We confidently declare: Instagram is the most fashionable social network now. With the most fashionable members, of course! If you want to not just keep track of your friends and celebrities, and are seriously committed to becoming popular – this article is for you! We support you in your ambitious aspirations – for anyone who becomes popular in Internet is a very bright future. A loyal audience is important to every celebrity. Instagram is one of the best and most enjoyable ways to become really popular! Well, about how to create an army of real and loyal followers on Instagram we We will tell in this article.

Cool photos

The first and most important rule is to only post really cool photos. Each of your photos must have at least some chip that will hook people. In fact, if you have the ability to take some really cool photos every day, you don’t need anything else – popularity will very soon come to you. However, not everyone has such an opportunity.

Do not be discouraged even if you are not a pop star and do not live between Paris, London and California – you can still do a bunch really interesting photos for people. Just try Do not place too many cards of your food or cats. Though no, everyone loves cats and it’s impossible to go too far with them. Give the cats!


According to statistics, the most popular Instagram photos are life style. (cool cars, expensive houses and other attributes of a beautiful life). The second place is taken by personal photos – children, holidays, family. Consider this when choosing topics for your works.

And one more tip here. If suddenly you have every day in some really cool shots available – don’t lay them out all at once, otherwise there is a chance that some of them will be left without attention.

Use hashtags

Hashtags will surely help you attract a lot of people to your photographs. And if the photos are cool (see the first paragraph articles) – those who have just visited the hashtag will definitely stay with by you as followers. People often look for specific photos. places or things on Instagram, so try your best Describe your photos in more detail using hashtags.

Also, be sure to check out which hashtags are popular. now. There is always an up-to-date list on the most popular tags at the moment. Take a closer look – maybe some of your existing photos fall into trending topics – this will bring you a lot of likes. And if not – you can just take some new photos for a given topic. 4

Alternatively, you can use hashtags to find interesting topics for you, see photos related to it and like or comment on them. So you have a great chance find people with similar interests who are likely to they’ll come to follow and lick you.

And finally – try not to put hashtags on the photo, which do not fit her. Such a strategy may bring you a couple of likes, but you don’t have any long-term benefit take out.

Indicate the place where the photo was taken

People really like to see photos from places they know. or where you have been. Instagram provides an opportunity to see everything photos of other users taken in the same place where that photo was taken, which this or that user is now posting. So other people who post pictures from the same places like you can see your photos. If they him like it – new followers are provided for you!


Follow, like, comment and generally communicate in every way with other users

Being friendly and positive is a great strategy for building up our own followers database. Try to go to this process with head and heart. Be sincere. Much it’s better to follow a few people you match interests and who may be interested in your photos than follow every day a huge number of completely left people. Moreover, Instagram now has a limit on following.

Finding people with similar interests is easy. In addition to searching by hashtags, a special Instagram option will help you with this – Recommended users. You can find this section in the Search Friends.

Now we’ll give some useful information about What actions attract users.

If you want your photos to get more likes and comments, of course, you need to interact with others by users. In general, Instagram has more likes than comments. According to official statistics, 575 likes are put per second and only 81 comments. So, if you want to draw on the attention of other users – try to comment more. From my own experience, I can say that if you leave really nice and sincere commentary under anyone’s photo, then this person is likely to be interested in your account, and maybe follow you. Instagram stats tells us that comments trigger 4 times more often than likes.

Well, if you are not a great specialist in the comments – you it remains to shoot from the gun, that is, to give likes to the right and left. According to statistics, for every 100 likes left to photos of other users, accounting for an average of 21.7 reciprocal likes and 6.1 followers. In this case, you are not at all be sure to follow these users in response.

In addition, when someone likes your photo, friends of this user they see that he crawled her and there is a high probability that they she will like it and they like her too. So you attract people to your profile with whom you don’t even contacted!

6Make sure your profile is open.

It’s easy to do this – on the settings page, go to the section “Security” and make sure that the switch next to paragraph Private Photos is set to Off. So your profile and your photos will be visible to all users Instagram.

Connect your Instagram account to accounts in others social networks

7Make sure your profile is open. Using bindings, you can simply and conveniently post photos from Instagram directly to Facebook, Twitter or other social networks. Naturally, this will make your photo available for more to a wider audience and bring you a lot of likes and new followers.

In order to connect Instagram to other networks, go to Settings and select “Publish Settings.” There you will see list of networks to which you can post pictures from Instagram. Select those where you have an account and log in. Now are you ready share photos with all your friends!

Watch Instagram Stars

Popular Instagram users know for sure the recipe for success. Watch carefully what photos they post and be inspired by their creativity to create your own masterpieces! If users like something, they will like it again and again and be sure to subscribe to you. And then they will do it friends. So be careful and feel free to learn from those who have already achieved a lot.

Take a really cool profile photo

8One of the best way to really greatly increase the number of followers and likes – this is serious work on your avatar on Instagram. This photo is your face and the first thing other users you like or whose photos will see you are commenting. If this photo gets attention, it’s half the battle. already done, the user will come to see your other pictures, he will be interested! The secret is that the profile photo isn’t must be exactly your photo. She must be catchy look, bright, perhaps even provocative. She must give users a first impression of you, your interests and about what they see in your stream. That way when friends those users to whom you left a comment will see your picture, they are sure to be interested in her and come to look at your cards.

Statistics show that photos processed by one or another A filter may be more popular than the rest. Here is a list the most popular filters on Instagram:

  • – Normal
  • – Earlybird
  • – X-Proll
  • – Hefe
  • – Rise
  • – Valencia
  • – Amaro
  • – brannan
  • – lomo-fi
  • – hudson

Choose the right moment

According to statistics collected after analysis of more than 1000 photos on, the best time to post photos is Monday, 5 pm. It is at this time that you have a chance to collect the most a large number of likes and comments.

The second most popular time for posting photos is Wednesday or Thursday. around 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

According to statistics, the maximum photo effect brings in the first 3 hours your life online. 46.15% of comments are left within the first hour after posting, and 69.23% of the comments – within first 3 hours. Therefore, if your photo has not gained that success, which you counted on for the first three hours, rather total it will never become popular ever.

Combine your photos

In order to create collages there are special applications, e.g. Diptic. Collages, according to statistics, get 20% more likes and 23% more comments than regular photos. So image – time spent on combining photographs – pays off with interest.


Here are tips to help you become truly popular in Instagram. Once again, the most important key to success is nice and interesting photos in your profile. Without them any tricks will not bring labor, and with them all efforts will bring double or even triple result. To learn how to do really good photos don’t need to be professional photographer, just familiarize yourself with the basic rules composition and have the rudiments of good taste. Be active attend cool events, live life to the fullest, be joyful and positive – and then the reasons for the really bright and interesting You will have plenty of photos.


Once you understand that you really have that show people – apply the tips from this article and success is no longer for mountains. I wish you real popularity, thousands of followers and tens of thousands of likes!

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