How to block a user on Instagram


If you do not want any user to see your Instagram posts, you can simply block it. Even your page is open, all of your pages will not exist for it Photo and video.

To add someone to the ignore list on Instagram, go to his profile page and click on the menu button (in the form of three vertical dots). Next, select the first item “block”. By the way, as you can see, if someone violates the rules of the social network Instagram (for example, spreading child pornography or trying hard for you something sell), you can complain about it. For this, the second paragraph in menu. You can also copy the link to the page here. user, send him a direct message and execute another some actions, but not about them now.

How to block a person on Instagram

If the person you blocked on Instagram gets to your page, then he will not see anything. Profile will be for him exist, but there will be an inscription that available photos and videos for he is not there.

Your page for a blocked person

If he was subscribed to you, he will automatically unsubscribe from you. However, if a person comes to you from a computer without logging in, then it will see all your publications!

Photos blocked can see

Therefore, there is no special meaning in locking. Many at first block people, then unlock them again (so that they unsubscribed), and then just close the profile. As a result, all unnecessary subscribers unsubscribe.

The user in the block can be unblocked at any time. Same go to his profile page and in the settings select “unlock”.

Since in the comments on this article began to come a lot questions, we decided to supplement the information on it with answers to most frequent.

What the user blocked by you can and cannot:

– when you block it, he will not receive any notification, but will automatically unsubscribe from you if it was signed. You from him also unsubscribe automatically;

– a person will be able to go to your profile, see the number subscribers, subscriptions and even publications, however none of them for it will not be available;

– his likes, as well as comments on your photos and videos are nowhere get away. If they confuse you like that, you can delete comments;

– your likes and comments that you leave to posts other people, the user you blocked will see. is he can even follow the link to your page, but as we already wrote above, your publications will be inaccessible to him;

– the one you blocked can you mention of your photos and videos, however notifications about you will not receive this;

– if your page is open to all, blocked the user can always watch it on a computer, not performing authorization (without entering your username and password).

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