How to change an avatar on Instagram


When you registered on Instagram, in addition to entering your login, password, email, on the side you were asked to choose yourself avatar, that is, your main photo. It could be downloaded from the phone gallery, from Twitter or Facebook, or do it directly now using the camera. If for some reason you forgot to choose avatar during registration or just want to change your photo profile, this can be done at any time in the application settings on mobile device. It will not take five minutes.

How to put a new avatar on Instagram or change it already existing

Go to your profile settings using the rightmost buttons in the lower horizontal menu.

How to change the avatar on Instagram

Next, click the button in the upper right corner of your profile in the form three points. In the figure below, it is highlighted in red.

How to change the avatar on Instagram

Of all the settings that appeared in front of you, you must select the line “change profile photo”. Push on her.

How to change the avatar on Instagram

Now choose which photo you want to put on the avatar on Instagram. Maybe it will be a picture from the phone’s gallery, or a photo from Facebook or Twitter, or you are right now take a picture. I note that here you can completely delete your main photo.

How to change the avatar on Instagram

The blue “cancel” button will cancel all actions.

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