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With recent updates, linking Instagram to VKontakte has become impossible. Social network is not listed in the Related section. accounts “, but all of these remained in sync publications. You can bind two pages using two ways: through Vkontakte website or choose regular publication in VK.

How to connect Instagram with VK

To connect Instagram and VK, you can use the applications or computer version. Integration implies that the user will be able to publish photos without unnecessary actions, connect verified page. There are situations when in Instagram on one profile is VKontakte in the list Connected, but not on the other.

The problem arose in 2017 and has not yet been resolved. Therefore, the ability to “tie up” on VKontakte is, but on Instagram is absent.

Instagram integration with VKInstagram integration with VK Ways to link accounts:

  • use the “Contact Us” section in VK settings
  • mark under publications: “Forward to others social networks”.

Also, the owner of the profile can specify a link to pages in other services. Just go to “Editing pages “and in the” Site “section indicate Vkontakte address.

Method 1: Contacts section

An active profile on Vkontakte is required for binding.

You can link using the section “Edit” in the settings menu:

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  1. Log in to the social network.
  2. In the upper right corner, next to the avatar, there is an arrow “Edit”. Page on VK to edit InstagramPage on VK to edit Instagram
  3. In the categories select “Contacts” – Integration with other services. Configure import from VK to Instagram exampleConfigure import from VK to Instagram example
  4. From the drop-down list, select “Instagram” – enter information about another account. The choice of integration in VK InstagramThe choice of integration in VK Instagram

Now, in the list of “Photo albums” will appear more one “Instagram”. It can be made private to others. users.

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Note: connecting two pages in this way, often in In the “Linked accounts” section, Vkontakte appears.

You can bind on Android and iOS using relevant applications. Also, as in the computer version, go to edit and paste the link. Integration of two of services also means that data can be restored through another social network. Thus, increasing the security of personal information.

To unpin, you need to go back to the editing section information and press the cross. The profile will be deleted immediately, and the user gets access to connect other accounts.

Method 2: forward to VK

When posting a new video or photo, the user can indicate social networks where it will be published. In that The list is included by VK, but for this you need to enter personal data.

Instructions on how to simultaneously publish in two social network:

  1. Log in to Instagram using the application.
  2. Create publication – go to edit the description.
  3. Choose among the list of available Vkontakte applications.

If the item does not appear among the available ones, then you can share only after publication.

Available only on mobile platforms:

  1. Above the publication, click three dots – Share.
  2. At the end of the list, click “Other applications. ”
  3. Select “Vkontakte”.

A photo or video will be posted in the News Feed. By clicking the picture, the visitor will be transferred to the page on Instagram.

Method 3: using an application on Windows 10

To link two pages (from VK and Instagram), the user can download and install the application for Windows 10. Available connection to various social networks, including Vkontakte. The disadvantage of this method is that publications may not Forwarding or forwarding will not be correct.

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How to connect to the application:

  1. Go to the Windows Market – download and install Instagram.
  2. Log in using your username and password.
  3. Go to profile settings: “Linked accounts”.
  4. Vkontakte – the page in the browser will open.
  5. Log in with a username and password from VK.
  6. Confirm account bundle.

Among the available options are also Odnoklassniki, Twitter and other services. If the connection was successful, category with VK lights up in blue. In the future, the user will be able to post posts to another social network.

Common problems

Many users encounter a problem when VC simply not in the list of available services for integration. Profiles can’t be linked either through “Linked Accounts” or Post an existing post. Recommended reinstall Instagram application or contact technical support.

Vkontakte is not available when posting on InstagramVkontakte is not available when posting on Instagram

Another reason why they can’t connect Instagram with Contact – geographical location. For example, send a photo in VK being in Ukraine and countries where social network prohibited – impossible. The loading bar will freeze or a notification appears that you can’t connect to VK. In such If you need a VPN and setup for both services.

Note: in the same way you can connect Instagram with Contact, indicating the integration and import of publications.

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