How to do a poll / vote in Storeys in Instagram?


Instagram is constantly adding new chips to Storys. The most popular, which bloggers use with might and main (voting).

If you need a QUESTION in Stories? How to ask anonymous question on Instagram in Storys?

There are many options for using polls. For example, bloggers will be able to ask subscribers to help choose a bow or where to go for dinner, and business accounts get quick feedback from potential buyers. In statistics, you will see not only how many percent for one or the other option, but also who specifically voted. A globally, polls and questions, quizzes, chats – help increase Instagram coverage.

How to poll / vote in Storys on Instagram?

Everything is very simple:

  1. Shooting or loading a new History from the already shot.
  2. Drag your finger from bottom to top, stickers, hashtags, geotags and new – survey.
  3. Click “POLL”, write your question and any two options answer, after clicking the checkmark in the upper right corner.
  4. Done! Click “Your story” and the survey is loaded into your Stories.

How to make a vote in Storys on Instagram

How to make a vote in Storys on Instagram

Everyone who votes will be able to see statistics. It will be possible update if you go to the History again.

Swipe from the bottom to see who voted. up in the Poll Stories. After 24 hours, the survey will disappear, like everyone Stories.

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