How to get rid of other people’s notifications in Instagram


Recently, comments have often come to our site. similar kind:

Hello! Gave Instagram to a friend from her phone. She left the application, I went in, but for some reason I constantly notifications come of who subscribed to her and who delivered her like. How to get rid of it, because she left?

How to get rid of strangers on InstagramTo all at once explain what to do, we decided to write a separate note, dedicated to this topic. Of course, ideally, you should not give your the phone even to friends, but if this happened and someone entered Instagram from your device, but you still get messages about likes and comments, you can do the following:

1. Let your girlfriend, friend or the one who logged in to Instagram on your phone, they’ll go into the application on another device, their own, eg. The problem must be solved.

2. If this is not possible, let them authorize on yours, but will disable push notifications for your account, and then again will come out. About how to do this, we wrote here.

If all else fails, report your situation to the developers. You can do this directly from the application (look for the punt in the parameters “report a problem” or something like that – the settings are constantly change) or on the official Instagram site in the section “Support”.

P.S. Unsubscribe in the comments, it turned out or not to solve your problem with notifications from another user.

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