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There are three ways to hide subscriptions on Instagram. Function may be needed by those who do not want to show visitors lists your contacts.

Is it possible to hide subscriptions on Instagram

In the privacy settings of the social network you can find: close an account or prohibit commenting. Standard function, how to hide basic information about yourself, no.

Three ways to hide followers from others on Instagram:

  • make the profile closed;
  • Block specific users
  • create a second account.

Private account on InstagramPrivate account on Instagram

So, business account owners will not be able to make a page closed. To do this, you need to transfer to personal status, which affects the ability to view statistics and promote publication.

The second profile can be blocked by Instagram, if not post in it regularly any entries. Social network closely monitors fakes and blocks inactive profiles.

Blocking certain users may not be appropriate. Result: another person can create a second profile and View publications using it. In this case, the problem: “you can whether to hide subscriptions on Instagram “remains relevant.

Method 1: close the profile

The main advantage of a closed profile is the ability to sort subscription applications. Users who have not been added are not will be able to view publications, stories and contact lists.

To make a profile private:

  1. Log in to Instagram.
  2. Open “Settings” – Account.
  3. Close profile – Confirm actions.

Switch back to personal InstagramgramSwitch back to personal Instagramgram

Business account owners will see: “Switch back to personal.” The method will not work online shopping and large communities. Switching statistics information, active advertising campaigns will be deleted.

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In a closed profile on Instagram, you can post any information. None of the services are able to show publications, which are in the account. Added to subscribers earlier, will remain and will be able to view the profile (subscription). Unsubscribe a person can be locked: go to his page – three dots on top – Block.

Applications to subscribers can be accepted or rejected. Appear in notification section, a separate list. Near nickname two Buttons: X and Confirm Request.

Confirm Instagram subscription requestConfirm Instagram subscription request

Method 2: block user

You can hide Instagram subscriptions from a specific person through blocking. Perhaps using two functions: Block and Report Abuse spam. ”

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In the second case, the system will automatically send the page another user to the blacklist. To remove any profile from blocking: Settings – Privacy and Security – Blocked accounts.

A blacklisted user will see on the page the inscription: “No publications.” View Subscriptions and Subscribers will be unavailable.

Instructions on how to block:

  1. Go to the page of the right person – Options (three dots on top).
  2. Select “Block” from the list or “Temporarily”. Hide Stories or block on InstagramHide Stories or block on Instagram

The second function is necessary if you want to hide stories or some publications. You can ban:

  • temporarily block publications. Under profile description the line appears: “Unlock”;
  • hide stories. Actual and Stories will not be displayed;
  • publications and history. Almost complete lock, but with the ability to view contact lists.

Features temporarily blocking InstagramFeatures temporarily blocking Instagram

Full blocking implies a lack of access to the subscription and viewing posted materials. Blocked visitor may just create another account to sign up.

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Method 3: second account

If you can close your profile or block more ten people – you can create a second account. Such an option bloggers and media personalities on Instagram who don’t want to show personal comments and friends lists. From the first pages, you can clear subscriptions using applications for large-scale unsubscribe.

The maximum number of unsubscriptions per day is no more than 2000 (for accounts older than six months).

To create a second profile:

  1. Exit the main one or click on the nickname from above – in the drop-down select “Add account” in the list. Add a new account on InstagramAdd a new account on Instagram
  2. Complete the registration process using the new email address mail or mobile number.
  3. Contact pages for quick switching.

In the top line, next to the nickname, an arrow and a selection will appear profile for working with Instagram. To prevent the page from being blocked, the owner must publish photos or videos at least once every two weeks. Other users will not see the linked pages.

Tips & Tricks

You can hide followers on Instagram by unsubscribing from everyone accounts. If the profile is open – friends and acquaintances will be able to write in private messages. The previous correspondence is saved, therefore You can send a notification already in the created chat.

The second profile will help maintain important contacts and not lose the audience. This page can be closed even if If necessary, put the link in the main account. Friends and acquaintances will be able to subscribe to the “spare” page, if exists the likelihood of blocking or other sanctions by Instagram.

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