How to lead Instagram consultants and to trainers?


On Instagram, you can not only sell “women’s” products, but also services and information products (courses on any topic). Instagram has become an excellent platform for the promotion of coaches, trainers, psychologists, consultants. But most of them make their account in Instagram independently and make many mistakes. let’s we’ll figure it out.

Mistakes on Instagram coaches and consultants

  1. No advertising and promotion.
  2. Good texts, unattractive pictures (soft or dark photos, lack of unity of style of these photos).
  3. Too many text in the photo, cacophony of fonts (different size, color, font).
  4. Too frequent competitions, Giveaways, sfs (mutual PR), etc.
  5. There is no call to action – the purchase of services.
  6. Account not translated to business profile and therefore no statistics

How to properly promote Instagram consultants and to trainers?

Advertising and massfollowing

Massfollowing and massluxing for trainers and consultants can Be a way to attract the attention of the target audience. For example, you can do geolocation tagging (if necessary subscribers from your city) and competitors.

It costs 399 rubles. per month, quite cheap compared to advertising. If your account is less than 6 months old, then massfollowing use is risky. But you can take “adult” accounts (which do not mind), revive them and set up massfollowing on them. And in the hat each account put a link to your main account.

? InstaPlus – a service for massfolding and massuling (? Article how to use)

Advertising with bloggers – look for accounts with a similar audience and buy ads in stories. It is cheaper than advertising in posts, but often even more effective if the blogger does not wind statistics.

Exchange bloggers and advertising:? epicstars

Targeted advertising is a very flexible tool for advancement. You can control the budget yourself, set advertising for at least one day. Compare the effectiveness of different advertising images and texts. How much will such an advertisement You’ll find out when you’re targeting (age, interests, place of residence, etc.).


Consider the general style of post photos. Choose bright photos with delicate colors. The color scheme of different photos should combine. Try to do flat lay, desktop photo, use sites with free photos (only not photo stocks!)

The text in the photo is only the name of the post, 3-5 words that are clearly seen on a common mosaic. Font and its location for all posts same.

Photo Processing Applications

  • Vsco
  • Cover
  • Effectshop
  • Crello— there are free templates and it’s valid now promotion code CRELLOFRIENDS20 – 20% discount for paid tariffs (there is a version for iPhone and an online version),

Photos are better not take jaded “advertising”, but more similar to “native” – ​​i.e. those that you could do yourself. There are multisites where such photos can be downloaded for free.

sites with free photos for instagram

Post text

No need to rewrite chapters from a textbook. Your goal is to write in plain language about complex things. No universal tips needed. The subscriber must be aware of the problem and buy from vasconsultation or training course. However, it’s important so that the person feels the real benefits of your post. He will do as you wrote, and thinks that he wants to learn from you more.

Write to the reader’s world.

Those. talk about what excites him, not about what you want to write. You are a professional and you are interested in deepening your knowledge and learn new research. And to the reader on Instagram need basic knowledge (in the key “you can do it directly now”).

For example, if you are a psychologist, then tell how not to quarrel with boss and properly support friends in difficult times. 10 leave personality psychotypes for later, when the audience is already “warmed up”.

Content that is difficult for the audience needs to be published too. it shows your expertise. But do it once in 3-5 posts, not more often.

Write so as to collect maximum comments. Hype and provocative topics are what everyone is discussing today, and tomorrow too late. Therefore, follow the trends, be aware of not only events in your field, but also in general on Instagram and for it the limits.

And do not forget to periodically remind you that you can buy consultation / course / coach session. As well as the cost of services and how to order.


For a trainer or consultant working with people personally, it’s important “show yourself.” Take a short video – from your presentation, master class, webinar. You can still write short answers to questions from subscribers or go live. Make stories like that You can once again remind yourself. You can even post announcements publish in Stories so that those who do not leaf through to you in their ribbon, go to your account through Stories.

Personal information”

If the main goal of the account is to sell your professional services, then give information about your personal life in a metered and client’s world. Create an image of an expert, not a “neighbor’s girls. “Advanced training, well-known customers, everyday life on work – those aspects of your life that you need periodically show. Great for this Stories and Direct Airs. But your family weekend and trip to Thailand is such a information should be minimum only if you are not a family psychologist or travel agent.

Business account

Consultants are sometimes afraid to transfer a personal account to “business”. They think that they will lose the trust of subscribers earned from using personal communication in the account. But because of this you do not get statistics and don’t know how many people are watching your posts, how often save what time they go, gender and age, etc. Evaluating post performance only by likes is not enough advancement.

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