How to make a circle frame on Instagram avatar most


How to make the very “live” frame for the avatar yourself, how as if you’ve made a story (and when it’s really made, it’ll be even two circles on Instagram avatar)? Question that already not one inquisitive mind instagrader in these days! Want to, will tell Use,? While I’m kind!

An article for the site was prepared by Viktoria Grishkevich @victoria_cherry_blossom.

Step-by-step instructions on how to make a circle frame on a profile photo on Instagram

How to make a second circle on Instagram avatar

1. Download the PicsArt program, it is free, and all that we need need it, also free. It is important! Because many advisers indicated programs for whose advanced functionality have to pay. Not here.

2. Download from the Internet (ok, google, download me) background for Instagram, that is, the instagram background, you see it in the photo in as a frame. Save it to your phone album.

3. Go to PicsArt and choose the same rainbow background from album as a photograph.

4. Next, click on the “Add Photo” button below. Choose your picture for the avatar. Then again below you will see a button “cut shape”: click it and select the shape of a circle. So your circle will dress in an iris. Reduce the size of the inner frame to minimize or remove its transparency in the next step when your the circle will finally become on a rainbow background. Save.

How to make a second circle on Instagram avatar

5. Open Instagram and edit the avatar. Choose our saved masterpiece and insert evenly into the circle.

It looks neat. It is actually made much easier than me described. I tried to explain the whole algorithm on my fingers.

By the way, you can show off and make a frame of another bright some vyrviglazny color. To do this, go to LiPix application and choose a frame with a circle there. Insert inside your photo, and the background color is already (which then becomes a bright shell pictures) choose which soul you want with one touch on the gamut. To put it exactly on the avatar, you can again use PicsArt and according to the well-known scheme cut a circle. But who doesn’t have pens, they can handle it like that.

I don’t know what this frame is for, but since such a wedding has taken place, cut the last cucumber!

Who was helpful, put the money in the comments! ??? And write your secrets to creating bright avatars. Us selfless madmen should be a lot !?

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