How to make a collage directly on Instagram


Photobooth on InstagramInstagram has always been fashionable upload collages – combine 2-3 or more photos in one. So you can show several of your pictures at once, on littering friends’s feed, and it just looks beautiful (of course, taking into account the fact that you know how to take nice photos and their well process). For these purposes, users specifically downloaded to their smartphones of various third-party applications that have nothing to do with Instagram, but able to post to this social. network results creations of people. My favorite ones were InstaPicFrame, PhotoCollage, InstaFrame and PicPlayPost. They have many different layouts for collages, the ability to add filters to photos, here and there you can put cool stickers on photos.

At the end of August 2015, everything changed, because it appeared official collage maker app – Layout for Instagram It is built directly into Instagram, and so that it earned, you only need to download it once.

How to make a collage without leaving Instagram

When adding a new photo, pay attention to the icon on the right in in the form of a layout in a gray circle.

Adding photos to Instagram

Clicking on it will take you to Layout for Instagram. If this the extension is not yet installed on your smartphone, you will invited to download it.

Layout for Instagram

Now you have to select some photos from your the galleries you want to see in your picture. application will automatically tell you several layout options.

Collage directly on Instagram

By choosing the appropriate layout, you can individually process each snapshot: rotate it (“flip”), flip it (“mirror”), choose another (“replace”). There are several options for the framework.

Collage directly on Instagram

The application is simple, you can figure it out without difficulty. Besides, A huge plus is the quick work.

Collage on Instagram

Of course, create some kind of mega cool collage directly on Instagram you will not succeed, because Layout, as I understand it, is designed for simple solutions that do not require much processing time photos. And it is right. If you want to overlay on your photos some unique frames, funny stickers or breathtaking effects, you have to use third-party applications, of which both on Google Play and on the App Store a great many even free.

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