How to make live photos for Instagram on iPhone / Android


Live photos on Instagram are an interesting feature. Examples of such living photos taken using the Plotagraph application, see official Instagram account @ plotaverse. These live photos made from photos, but you can also make them from videos.

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How to make such a live photo and is it possible using an iPhone or smartphone on android? Can! You will need to install one of (or both) applications: Plotagraph and Cinemagraph. Their main difference is Plotagraf makes a live photo from an ordinary photograph, and Cinemagraph – from the video. Cinemagraph will certainly be more realistic, but Plotagraf gives an interesting effect. I personally like Plotagraf even more because You can use free high-quality photos and make from them beauty.

How to make Plotagraph live photos on iPhone / Android

How to make live photos of Plotagraf on iPhone / Android

Plotagraph is an animation of a part of a photograph with vectors.

IPhone App – Plotagraph + There is no application for Android yet, but you can download the program for Windows at this link Need will be registered on the official website.

After the finished video-plotagraph can be downloaded to Android and from there to Instagram.

The principle of operation in the application for the iPhone and for the computer same.

  1. Upload photos to the application. Best and most realistic will be Live photos look where water / clouds move. Water is not only the sea, you can have coffee in a mug, a fountain, etc.
  2. We draw arrows in the direction of movement in the area where you need “revive” the image. The shorter the arrows, the more realistic it will be final effect.
  3. Put limit points where the image should stay motionless.
  4. To preview, you can click the triangle below.
  5. We export the resulting live photo and save (format – video .mp4).
  6. We drop it on the phone and upload to Instagram. The resulting video – this is a “live photo”

How to make a live photo of Cinemagraph from a video on iPhone / Android

Live photo from the video will be more realistic. Because the principle work – you freeze individual sections, not revive. Those. movement in the photo will be completely real.

This effect can be done in an application for iPhone or Android – Cinemagraph.

The first thing to do is think about what the video will be like. Which part of the frame you freeze, what effect will result? Most obvious option – water, river. You can also make an image of a moving reflection in the mirror, divide the moving crowd in half (one moves, freeze the second). Best if you shoot from a tripod or putting the phone on a stand.

In the example in the video, we decided to “animate” the wall. Moved the camera up and down and after revived only that part where the wall. Result imperfect, but the meaning is clear.

  1. Open the application, point the camera at the subject shooting.
  2. Press and hold the round button below.
  3. Finger paint over those areas that will be “live”. At the top there are buttons to change the size of the circle, which paint over, and the degree of transparency.
  4. Checkmark – done, wait for the video to process.
  5. You can share the resulting video (this will be a “live photo) immediately on Instagram or by mail / send to instant messengers.

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