How to Make Money from Instagram


Instagram is a quite popular platform especially amongst the teens which have above 700 million users. All of us hang around onInstagram to see new photos posted by our friends and celebrities we follow.

Instagram can be used to increase brand awareness, sending traffic to a website and making money in both short and longterm.

There are 2 approaches to Instagram. If you want to make some quick buck you can leverage their platform to send traffic toyour own product or affiliate product. Let’s discuss both short term and long term approaches.

Using Instagram to sell your own products/services.

There are a lot of different techniques you can use to send traffic to your landing page from Instagram.

Creating optimized profile is the first step when it comes to Instagram marketing. Write a cool and funny description of your self or your company and include a link to yourwebsite.

Don’t have an idea about the description?Here is a list of 200 funny and creative bios for Instagram. Don’t copy! take an inspiration and come up with something unique.

Have a look at this Instagram profile. Looking cool! Very clear description and CTA ( Call to Action) You can also put your email,phone number website or anything you’d like to include to get contacted by the leads.

How to Make Money from Instagram

This is very important because you want to send your followers/visitors to a specific page where you to show them your product or services.

Do not make the description sales. Be natural and use personal conversation tone if you are asolopreneur and company tone ifyou run company account on Instagram and you want to brand your self as a company instead of an individual.

Identifying your target users is the second step once you have a complete Instagram profile.identify what type of visitors converts well in your funnel. i.e their demographics age, gender etc.How to Make Money from Instagram

For Ex: You have a gaming product and you figured out that your target audience is teens between 15-20 years. Now, this demographics can help you to determine right hashtags that people might use in this age. For Example #School #exam etc.

These are just examples to make your concept clear. You can customize to whatever type of audience you want to target onInstagram.

Find Hashtags related to yourniche/industry.As stated above, if you a reselling women’s shoes, find related hashtags like #Fashion#WomenShoes #Heels etc.

I searched for hashtag #Womenshoes on Instagram, and the reare547,415posts just for this hashtag.

How to Make Money from Instagram

Create a list of 50-100 different hashtags that people use inyour industry. And conduct a search on these hashtags on daily basis. Follow users who post photos in these specific hashtags. Follow no more than 50 users a day otherwise you might lose your account because Instagram flag accounts for suspicious activity.

Based on my experience, 20% people will follow you back.And fifty percent will check your profile. Sending 50 requests aday can result in 25 potential profile visit and 10 new follower seach day. Now, this can add up, if you use more than one Instagram account and do it for 6 months to a year.

Pro Tip: The main thing in Instagram marketing is tobe consistent. If you set a goal to follow 50 users a day, do it day in and day out.

Once you follow about 1,000 users start commenting! Scroll down your timeline and find photos that are relevant to your product/services save them to a spreadsheet for later reference and start posting relevant comments.

When you comment on a photo, they get a notification and thereis 90 percent chance that they’ll check it out. Based on my experience, it is safe to do 30 Instagram comments each day. Youcan get 5-6 new followers and 10-15 visitors each day just from commenting on other photos.

The other thing you can do is to post your own photos. This is probably the hardest thing to do. Since a lot of marketers are quite lazy to snap photos and it is time consuming too. I’d suggest posting minimum 50 photos on your profile. If you don’t have any photos, no one is going to follow you back and even trust you. The more photos and followers you have the more traffic you get to yourwebsite. Because it increases the conversion and trust.

How to use Instagram in Affiliate Marketing.

If you don’t have your own product or service, you can still make money from Instagram and other social media platforms. How?There are a lot of affiliate programs which lets you promote their product/service and earn a commission of someone buy their product.

This is very simple and lucrative way for companies to recruit affiliate marketers and increase their sales exponentially.

New to Affiliate marketing and don’t know which you can use topick a product to promote? Here are few of them:

How to Make Money from Instagram Amazon Affiliate Program: Earn up to 10% advertising fees witha trusted e-commerce Leader.
How to Make Money from Instagram Now our 6-time winner, Rakuten Affiliate Network, part of Rakuten Marketing, receives enthusiastic support from both advertisers and publishers.
How to Make Money from Instagram Avangate has been growing fast over the last few years and is our most popular “digital downloads” network by some margin.
How to Make Money from Instagram As we went to press news came that Affiliate Window (part of zanox Group) has acquired ShareASale. Industry consolidation is accelerating.
How to Make Money from Instagram CJ is still a top network but survey feedback indicates thatthey’re just a little off the pace compared to the other giants.

You can use the same strategy ( as I stated above) for affiliate products as well. The only difference is that you use affiliate URL instead of your own website URL. Be careful notto use a direct affiliate link in an Instagram description as they might flag you and suspend your account.

You can still use your own website to promote an affiliate product. Write a review, create a landing page and link it to the product you want to promote. Using a clean URL in description makeyou more legit instead of using a long affiliate URL.

Automating and outsourcing your Instagram marketing

I am a big believer in doing things yourself first. You can’tcreate a process for something you are not familiar with. I suggest do everything at the start and learn it the hard way, once you are familiar with everything you can start delegating, outsourcing and automating the workflow.

There are different tools available. Automation can decrease the quality. If you do not want to compromise on quality you can use outsourcing model. For quick buck type stuff, I recommend using automated programs. Let’s discuss both:

Outsourcing Model

Document your process step by step and hand it over to a VA and ask h/er to it on daily basis. You can pay by the hour or a fixed price. There are a lot of options available. you can use upwork,fiverr and Online

Again, documenting your process is the key. The virtual assistants you hire might not be too sharp, you have to lay everything down for them in a digestible manner to save time andmoney.

VA’s can be very efficiently used for commenting and communicating with your custom erson these type of social media platforms. The basic idea of outsourcing model is to not compromise on quality and delegate what your day to day onInstagram to save up your time and focus on things that matter morefor your business.

Automation model

If you want to make some quick buck and don’tcare about brand etc. You can use churn and burn approach which is automation ( using software to autorun Instagram accounts)

There are different options available. The best Instagram automation software that I recommend is Follow Liker. Ask for Instagram Model. The software lets you upload a list of Instagram accounts, follow users, like photos in your niche/industry and comment on photos based on hashtags and keywords.

Follow liker can pretty much do everything that you can think o fon Instagram.

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