How to make new face emoji on Instagram (iPhone iOS13)


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Promotion Instagrams for free 2019 In the new update IPhone iOS13 can make free self-face emoji. They are are called Memoji. Use them for Instagram Stories and for correspondence in messengers – no need to install standalone app or use stickers in Stories! All very simple – creating new Emoji takes only three minutes.

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How to make new face emoji on Instagram (iPhone iOS13)

First check that you have the latest iPhone iOS13 update. Go to Settings – General – Software Update.

How to add Emosi to Instagram Stories iiOS13 Emoji ios iPhone update

To make your face emoji, open any application (Instagram, WhatsApp, Notes, etc.), where you can print text. I will make new Emoji right away on Instagram Stories. Emoji we will add not through stickers, but through emoticons. Click the smile below keyboard (to the left of the spacebar). How to Make Emoji on an iPhone InstagramHow to make your face Emoji on Instagram iOS13

All emoticons open, scroll from left to right. Will appear new Animoji (IPhone iOS13 update). Click three dots and The editor will open. Create your own Emoji – you can have your own face, and can anyone. Change the skin and shape of the face, eyes, ears, lips. there is earrings, piercings, beards and hats.

How to add Emoji to Instagram Storieshow to make new emoji iphone

At the end, click “Finish” and our new face emoji slams into different options – laughter / tears / winks, etc.

new emoji Instagram story stickersEmoji update iPhone Ayos 13

Click on the desired Emoji and it is added to our History. The second and next ones are easy to insert – just click on Text, then Smiley and select the one you want.

How to make new emoji of your face on Instagram on iPhone iOS 13

How to change emoji?

Go to Smiles, click the three dots on the left. A menu will open, where you can change / delete / duplicate / make a new emoji of your own faces.

Change Emoji - iPhone 13 UpdateHow to Change Emoji Emoticons

New emoji of your face (Memoji) in iPhone iOS13 is very simple can be made and can be used for free everywhere – In Instagram Stories and in Direct, in Vatsap and Telegram, in Messages and Notes. Not necessary Install a separate application.

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