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Of the popular ways to speed up videos on Instagram, are: acceleration using the functions of a mobile device, through applications and using computer programs. Many modern smartphones have built-in tools to slow down and footage acceleration.

Instagram video acceleration

With the help of acceleration, the user will be able to add music, show important points or change your voice. Together with the video, You can speed up the voice that is in the audio track.

The pitch rises, making the audio cartoony in sound. A similar technique is used by bloggers and users who record videos for Instagram.

Video Acceleration for InstagramVideo Acceleration for Instagram

You can shoot an accelerated video for Instagram through the settings cameras or use popular applications:

  • application for automatic timer shooting. Available function of publication in social networks;
  • user can set the time for shooting, adjust data transfer parameters;
  • iOS app where you can speed up or slow down video.

Using the “Camera” function, you can shoot real-time videos. Importing from Gallery editing existing video is available. Shooting in progress with sound, so a separate change in the audio track is not required.

Speed ​​up video on iPhone

In the AppStore store catalog you can find applications, Designed to edit and speed up recording. One of standard – iMovie, which does not require downloading. Device owner you just need to start the video editor on the phone, select “Move from Media Files.”

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You can speed up video on your iPhone for Instagram this way:

  1. Open the application and select a video file.
  2. An icon with time appears in the bottom panel.
  3. By clicking on it, an acceleration bar will appear.
  4. Specify the required parameter and save with the button Done.

If the acceleration bar does not appear on the screen, then mobile The device is out of date. The function is available for versions from 5S.

To change the speed, additional applications will be required by type: SloPro, Adobe Premiere Clip, and Quik.

Speed ​​up video on Android

Unlike iOS users, Android owners are lucky smaller. There are no standard video acceleration applications for Instagram, but you can configure slow motion.

List of popular video editing tools:

  • Magisto. Full-blown editing tool videos intended not only to change, but also viewing;
  • FilmoraGo. Used for visual effects, works with acceleration and deceleration.

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Instructions on how to speed up a video using FilmoraGo:

  1. Download and install the application.
  2. Run – confirm consent to data processing. Movie app for Instagram appMovie app for Instagram app
  3. Click “Download Video” – Further. Add video to Instagram appAdd video to Instagram app
  4. If cropping is necessary – reduce the video sequence, press Add and Continue. Add video to Instagram ><img src=
  5. In the menu bar on the right, select “Tools” – Scroll to Speed. Speed ​​in Filmogra app for InstagramSpeed ​​in Filmogra app for Instagram
  6. Select a playback speed.
  7. Save by pressing the “Finish” button.

In the application settings, you can find acceleration on Minimum or Maximum. Instagram video acceleration software is also used to add filters, labels and other elements.

There are other applications with a simpler interface. IN new versions of Android, it is worth checking the settings video editors.

Most smartphones are equipped with applications from manufacturers, including tools for changing videos and photos. Now every reader of our site knows how to speed up video in Instagram or slow down.

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